This despicable act resembles the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988 by Khomeini and nightly burial in mass of the victims without informing their families.

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki tries to eradicate all evidence of crime against humanity by mass burial of the victims at a time when an international consensus from both sides of the Atlantic has emerged in holding Iraqi government accountable for this crime. It is clear, as the Spanish court said in its investigationو Faleh Fayyaz, Iraq’s National Security Adviser is responsible for massive human rights abuses in Camps Ashraf and Liberty including massacres of residents, missile attacks, prevention of medical care and food.

The recent revelation necessitates an international impartial investigation by the International Criminal Court on the Ashraf massacre, mass execution and hostage taking.

Families of the martyrs of September 1st attack filed complaints in Iraqi judiciary to prosecute perpetrators of this crime and to get the bodies of their loved ones back in October. They repeated their request in more than 75 letters. Their lawyers and legal representatives had more than five dozens interventions to get the bodies back without success.

Maliki, fearful of the consequences of crime against humanity and to pave the ground for further attacks, tries to remove all evidence that any impartial investigation will undoubtedly point to him and his boss in Tehran Khamenei as the culprits in this crime.

Hon. David Kilgour, JD

Co-Chair, Ottawa