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The Guardian becomes mouthpiece for mullahs ruling Iran against the opposition MEK

A recent Guardian article, “Terrorist, cultists – or champions of Iranian democracy?” written by Arron Reza Merat and published on November 9th is one such example.

Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former European Parliament president and current head of the “In Search of Justice” committee representing 4,000 MPs across the globe, wrote the following in his letter in responding to the Guardian’s bogus allegations against the MEK:

“The Guardian’s November 9th piece, ‘Terrorists, cultists – or champions of Iranian democracy? The wild wild story of the MEK,’ is a disgraceful example of western media serving the interests of the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.” Dr. Vidal added: “Devoting three pages of a paper once admired as the voice of dissidents and freedom fighters to a barrage of stale and absolutely false allegations is a stain on Europe’s free press.”

Former MEP Struan Stevenson, known for his expertise on Iranian affairs and especially MEK history in Iraq and now Albania, has also written to the Guardian saying:

“Actually, Arron Merat, the author of the article is a well-known advocate of the clerical regime and its president Hassan Rouhani, and an activist against the PMOI/MEK.”

Furthermore, a letter written by a number of MEP responding to the Guardian’s lies against the Iranian opposition MEK reads in part:

Demonizing and defaming opposition forces on behalf of dictatorships is a well-known tactic and is nothing new. However, surprising is Guardian and Arron Merat providing services and whitewashing the face of the religious fascism ruling Iran, by parroting the most hideous allegations against the MEK, an organization that has been struggling against two dictatorships for more than 50 years.

Arron Merat’s sources in the Guardian piece are individuals described as MEK defectors. It is worth noting that to this day many institutions in the U.S. and Europe have published numerous reports on recruiting methods used by the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence & Security to absorb MEK defectors, to ultimately use them against the opposition. Of course, Arron Merat has made it clear that he knowingly – and under orders – has cited certain individuals to publish what the MOIS has ordered.

Mr. Stevenson writes in another portion of his letter:

” The author also relies only on Iranian individuals abroad with known ties to the regime and its Intelligence Ministry to accuse the Iranian opposition of atrocities and confirm them.”

Mr. Stevenson added: “For example, one of the individuals who has been quoted in the article is Ms Batoul Soltani. She left Camp Ashraf, the home of PMOI / MEK members in Iraq, in 2006 and went to the temporary camp controlled by the US forces. She was contacted at the venue by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) and returned to Iran in January 2008 through the Red Cross. Colonel Leo McCloskey (retired), who was the commander of the U.S. temporary camp outside Camp Ashraf (JIATIF) at the time (2008). In a speech in Paris on 24 March 2012, Colonel McCloskey revealed that ‘Ms Soltani had returned to Iraq and Camp Ashraf with an Iranian passport’ adding that ‘she was there at the behest of Quds Force as an agent of the Iranian government.’”

Stevenson further observes: “This reality disqualifies her as an independent and objective source, which the author chooses not to mention for the readers so that they can form an information view.”

Arron Merat accuses the MEK of terrorism while the highest courts in the European Union, United States, United Kingdom, France and other countries have ruled these allegations as baseless and ordered the MEK’s delisting.

On May 11, 2011 the French court described the MEK as being involved in a justified struggle for freedom. Legal rulings issued by international courts provide the utmost legitimacy for the MEK as a just resistance movement against the religious dictatorship ruling Iran. As a reminder, the Iranian regime is described as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

The terror allegations raised against the MEK are now heard only from the religious dictatorship ruling Iran. Of course, the Guardian and Arron Merat have added their voice to Tehran’s mullahs.

While the mullahs’ president Hassan Rouhani unsuccessfully pleaded with his French counterpart to restrict the MEK activities and Iranian Regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described the MEK as the main force behind the Iranian uprising, Arron Merat in his Guardian piece has gone even further than the mullahs’ dictatorship and claimed the MEK lack any support inside Iran. If the MEK truly lacked any support inside Iran, the question is why are Iran’s mullahs so utterly terrified of the MEK and why has Guardian sent its reporter to Albania to find MEK defectors and publish a 6,700-word report about an isolated Iranian group? Of course, the answer is clear.

The assigned article relays MOIS against the PMOI / MEK, repeatedly parroted for the past four decades. The persistence of these lies cannot be attributed to lack of knowledge in regards to facts about the MEK, especially given that a PMOI / MEK press spokesman addressed most of the despicable allegations on the 2nd of October and 1st of November in letters addressed to senior editors of The Guardian.

Mr. Stevenson’s letter to the Guardian also reads:

“Building on such deceptive foundation, the author goes on to level one baseless allegation against the PMOI after another omitting the fact that these disinformation have long been spread by the Iran regime’s Intelligence Ministry and have been debunked on many previous occasions by both the PMOI, independent researchers and parliamentarians in UK and EU, including in letters by the late Lord Slynn, the late Lord Corbett and former Home Secretary, the late Lord Waddington to name a few.”

Reza Arron Merat conveyed an unwritten conclusion to The Guardian that clearly seeks to legitimize a crackdown and massacre of the PMOI / MEK.

Ali Fallahian, the regime’s notorious former MOIS minister, said in a TV interview on 9 July 2017:

“The MOIS needs cover for its efforts to gather intelligence inside and outside the country. We would not dispatch an intelligence agent to Germany or the United States who would say I am from the MOIS. A trader or journalist cover is required.”

Reza Merat is a known advocate of the regime in general and Hassan Rouhani in particular, and he appeases the regime by expressing hysterical opposition to the PMOI / MEK.

It is clear that the mullahs’ religious dictatorship in Iran is facing a definite overthrow. The Iranian people have launched an uprising against this regime in its entirety, and this movement has continued non-stop. The protesters’ objective is to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and placing a popular government in power.

The Iranian Resistance and the MEK have been able to inspire hope, resistance and perseverance in Iran’s youths against this regime, and literally become the engine of Iranian protesters.

In addition to support inside Iran, the MEK enjoys vast international support and is recognized as a democratic alternative to the dictatorship of the mullahs.

The Iranian regime has lost the golden opportunity provided through three decades of appeasement, and especially during the Obama years. The mullahs’ conspiracy to completely annihilate the MEK in Iraq failed miserably with the MEK members’ full relocation to Albania and other European countries in 2016.

Washington’s Iran policy has changed and the appeasement era is over. Crippling sanctions imposed by Washington are targeting the Iranian regime and the mullahs are facing a devastating impasse. The efforts placed by pro-appeasement policy supporters in Europe will no longer provide the remedies the Iranian regime so desperately needs.

With each passing day more foreign companies are leaving Iran. While the Iranian regime’s economy is based on oil exports, oil buyers are severely cutting back on their on their imports due to U.S. sanctions.

This regime’s days are numbered. The MEK alternative, more powerful than ever before, enjoys the support of the Iranian people and protesters inside the country.
Iran, in contrast to other Middle East countries, has a democratic alternative with a certain agenda for the future that is supported by thousands of dignitaries from across the globe.

This is exactly why the Iranian regime is facing a dead-end and is resorting to any measures to relay a message claiming it has no such alternative.

In line, the mullahs are paying huge amounts of money to buy the services of various reporters and media outlets who still yearn for the appeasement era and doing business with this regime.

Tehran is guiding a demonizing campaign against the MEK. Pro-appeasement figures are falling in line against a firm policy on Tehran and are parallel to the Iranian regime in demonizing the MEK.

Guardian and Arron Merat are trampling the basic principles of democracy and human rights, and are repeating allegations directed by the MOIS, considered the most notorious Iranian regime institution.

The period of providing life ropes to the religious dictatorship ruling Iran through vicious and immoral attacks against the MEK democratic opposition launched by paid reporters and media outlets, and wash the mullahs’ bloody hands has come to an end.

Of course, Iranian regime state media has republished the Guardian’s ridiculous lies to pave the path for the domestic crackdown of ongoing protests and justifying the massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners, mostly MEK members and supporters.

However, the Guardian and its anti-MEK writer must understand that the Iranian people’s uprising against the mullahs’ religious autocracy will have the final word.

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