This conference, entitled 1988 Massacre in Iran, Perpetrators must be tried, also featured moving testimony from former MEK political prisoners and survivors of the massacre. Last time we looked at the initial massacre, but today we want to look at the lack of an appropriate response from the world at large.

The MEK has been upfront with the international community about this massacre, but the West has largely ignored this in order to continue trading with the Regime. Even after a tape was released in 2016 featuring the late Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, Khomeini’s heir in 1988, speaking to members of the death committee, criticizing them for the massacre of the MEK, and saying that they had committed a crime for which history would condemn them.

After making this speech, Montazeri lost his position and was placed under house arrest. His son Ahmad released the tape and was then put in prison himself. It’s another case of the Regime punishing those who talk about the massacre of the MEK, rather than those who committed it.

There is no denying the massacre of the MEK now, with even Regime officials admitting it. Amnesty International published a report last year, entitled “Blood Soaked Secrets”, in which they said that the massacre of the MEK is an ongoing crime against humanity, something based on the testimonies of MEK members and the families of the victims.

Rajavi said at the conference at the MEK headquarters: “The time has come for the United Nations to form an international fact-finding mission for the 1988 Massacre, and the world to recognize the right of the people of Iran to resistance and struggle to overthrow the mullahs’ religious dictatorship. I call on all Iranians in Iran and abroad to help advance and expand the Call-for-Justice movement for the victims of the 1988 Massacre. This is the movement of the oppressed, the suppressed and the bereaved.”

The world has been deceived by the Regime’s propaganda campaign against the MEK, but the world should seek to be on the right side of history. They should stand with the democratic resistance movement of the MEK, who have over 120,000 martyrs that sacrificed themselves for the cause of freedom; something the Iranian people support. This means companies should stop working with the Regime.

As the Iranian Resistance said on their website: “History is the best judge, time will move on, Iranian people and their resistance MEK will topple this regime, the perpetrators of the 1988 massacre will be held accountable in international courts, but the remaining question is would those who white-washed those crimes also be held accountable? As it comes to those longing to do business with Iran at any cost, it should be said that such business is called “bad business,” since they invested in the blood of the Iranian people.”