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The MEK’s Annual Summit Hammered the Iranian Regime

Free Iran 2021, spotlight on Ebrahim Raisi’s human rights violations

The Free Iran World Summit 2021 was held online for three days, connecting the Iranian opposition MEK at its base Ashraf 3 in Albania and other 50,000 points in the world and with the presence of 1029 political figures from five continents.

There is a lot of talk about the importance, status, and effects of this glorious three-day summit, but what emerged from the first day of the summit was the crushing political blow to the Iranian regime, which manifested itself in the insane speeches of the Foreign Ministry spokesman in the early hours of this event against the speech of former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Reza Sadr Al-Hosseini, an affiliate of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, showed the regime’s main fear which is being overthrown, and said:

“The history of the MEK’s actions in Iran is mostly considered by Western countries because they think that this group has the ability to force the regime to change its behavior and bring it closer to overthrow. These countries hereby declare their official opposition to the Islamic Republic. Therefore, the Foreign Ministry must respond appropriately to this issue.”

Then about the new challenges with the Western countries that this regime is facing he added: “Recently, we have seen that some Western countries have decided to challenge the new government (Ebrahim Raisi) on human rights issues.”

Fouad Izadi one of the regime’s intelligence agents showed this fear more explicitly and said: “The highlight of the conference was that some former and current officials and members of the US Congress from both Republicans and Democrats were present.” (Vatan-e-Emrooz, July 12, 2021)

Then he confessed about the vital presence of the MEK in Iran and said: “(The Mojahedin) is a good tool to strike at (the system) and have extensive activities in the country. In general, Americans, because they support all terrorists in the world, have to be present in the gathering of the (Mojahedin).”

Concerned about the prospect of regime talks in Vienna, he added: “On the one hand, the Americans say that they are looking for a solution in Vienna, and on the other hand, the American officials stated at this conference (Mojahedin) that the economic pressure on (the system) should be intensified.”

The state-run Arman newspaper mourned about the effects of this summit on the regime’s growing isolation and wrote: “Former Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, who has a long history of anti-Iran (regime) actions, by accusing the Islamic Republic asked the world countries to refuse to cooperate with the new government.”

This state-run daily then added: “Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking virtually at the hypocrites’ annual conference, called on the Iranian opposition to continue its illegal actions against the Islamic Republic, claiming that members (the Mojahedin) were seeking a free and democratic Iran.”

About this conference, the state-run daily Javan affiliated with the IRGC on July 12 wrote: “Democrats and Republicans attended side by side at the annual Mojahedin rally on Saturday as the former US Secretary of State, the former Prime Minister of Canada and the Prime Minister of Slovenia chanted anti-regime rhetoric.

“At the meeting, Pompeo repeated his rhetoric against the Iranian regime at the time of his ministry and called for continued sanctions. He did not stop there, saying sanctions were necessary but not enough. He encouraged the opposition to continue its illegal activities by claiming that members of the Mojahedin were seeking a free and democratic Iran.

“The election of Ebrahim Raisi as the new president was another issue that Pompeo used to attack the system. Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose anti-system record is not lesser than that of Pompeo, also spoke out against the system as much as he could and called on countries around the world to refrain from cooperating with the new government.”

These are just a few examples of the regime’s reaction to the Free Iran World Summit, which contrary to the previous summits the regime’s reaction is much more aggressive and severe which is a clear indicator of the regime’s situation being on the path to be overthrown by the people.

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