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The Platform of the MEK

Given their imminent demise, it is only right that we look at the Iranian opposition group looking to take power during the transition period and stabilise Iran for the transitional period until an election can be held and the Iranian people can elect their own leader. This group is the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The MEK has a very clear platform for a future, free Iran, which encompasses human rights, peaceful foreign policy, individual freedoms, and an economy that works for everyone. Let’s look at that in more detail.
Human rights

The MEK is committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all its relevant covenants, including freedom of:
• association
• thought and expression
• media
• political parties
• trade unions
• councils
• religions and denominations
• profession
The MEK would prevent any violation of individual and social rights and freedoms, starting with the abolition of the death penalty.

Women’s rights
The MEK believes that women should be free to exercise all the rights that men do including, but not limited to, the right to:
• vote and run for office in all elections
• choose their own profession, assume any position, and work without needing permission from their husband/father
• to choose their own clothing
• the right to participate in all sports, professional or not, without gender-based discrimination
Freedom of religion

The MEK believes in the separation of religion and state, so would ban “all forms of discrimination” against followers of any religion or denomination. The MEK also wrote: “No citizen shall enjoy any privileges or be subject to any deprivations with respect to nomination for election, suffrage, employment, education, becoming a judge or any other individual or social rights, for reason of belief or non-belief in particular religion or denomination.”

National minorities
The MEK recognises that all ethnic and national minorities should enjoy the same rights as any other Iranian. The MEK also supports an autonomous Iranian Kurdistan, allowing the Iranian Kurds to govern themselves on all matters except for foreign policy, national defence, national security, foreign trade and customs.

The MEK, in contradiction to the rumours spread by the Regime, supports national capitalism, the market economy, private ownership, and investment. The MEK also believes that Iran should use technological advancements and relations with the industrialised world to reconstruct Iran’s economy.

International relations
The MEK believes in peaceful coexistence with other countries, with a foreign policy based on independence, international and regional cooperation, non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, good neighbourliness, and respect for the United Nations Charter and international conventions and treaties.

The MEK also opposes nuclear proliferation and the production of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles

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