Ms. Merrikhi spoke to members of the Mojahedin, calling the PMOI/MEK “an important academy for human relations, a society with the noblest of emotions, as well as political and social responsibility.”

The PMOI/MEK underground movement was exposed in 1971, and more than 90 percent of its cadres and members have been arrested, and sentenced to imprisonment and execution at the time. Since then the movement continues to pay heavily to free the Iranian people from the repressive regime. The members and supporters of the PMOI/MEK are dedicated to their cause, their people, and their homeland.

Last year the PMOI/MEK relocated to Albania after they were successfully evacuated from Camp Liberty in Iraq, and they are now more organized and powerful than ever. Besides their strong international network, the PMOI/MEK has a huge presence inside Iran.

PMOI/MEK members have stated that the foremost responsibility and primary mission of their new Secretary General is to bring about the overthrow of the present Iranian regime. Her role in this movement entails “having the greatest responsibility (duties) in advancing the organization and its objectives and programs”.

Born in 1959 in Qaemshahr in Northern Iran, Ms. Merrikhi joined the Mojahedin after Iranian people’s uprising against the royalist regime. She has 40 years of experience in the struggle for freedom and has been a senior official in the organization for 14 years.

The Central Council of the Organization selects candidates for the Secretary General’s position. Voting occurs in three stages. In a contest among four candidates, Zahra Merikhi won 84 percent of the votes. She was selected based on her knowledge, experience, as well as the level of trust she has gained.

Mrs. Rajavi the president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran which PMOI/MEK is its strongest member, said in a recent speech, “This election will break the spell of repression and herald the overthrow of the mullahs’ religious fascism.”

It has been suggested that the social situation in Iran is becoming increasingly troublesome for the regime. The Iranian people are fed up with being subjected to repression, imprisonments, torture and daily executions. Meanwhile, the opposition movement is prepared for an attempt to force the regime to stop violating human rights, and accelerate its collapse.