The camp houses members of the main Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK).  

Tobias Ellwood’s powerful response, condemning the attack states that, “We have publically called on the Government of Iraq to investigate the attack and bring the attackers to justice.”   He’s says further, that officials from the British Embassy plan to make it very clear to the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that a comprehensive investigation into the incident is of an urgent nature.

  “In all of our engagement with the Government of Iraq on this issue, including at Ministerial level and in our statements, we have emphasised the importance of the Iraqi Government doing everything possible to ensure the safety of the residents of Camp Liberty.”  Mr. Ellwood said, in conclusion. 

Tobias Ellwood is the UK Government Minister for the Middle East at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.