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Uk Parliament Conference Weighs Human Rights Violations in Iran

Uk Parliament Conference Weighs Human Rights Violations in Iran

Tehran’s unacceptable behavior requires a global response based on a firm policy holding the mullahs’ leaders to account and supporting the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people, said the MPs and Members of the UK House of Lords.

NCRI representatives and cross-party MPs and Peers discussed the basis of such a policy, announcing a new initiative and put forward recommendations to the UK Government in support of this policy.

Dr. Matthew Offord, MP

The regime steps up its aggressions against the governments in France, Britain and Germany seem to be paralyzed. It’s about time we abandoned the appeasement policy. We must proscribe the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) as terrorist entities.

We should be supporting the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people, especially the NCRI and the ten-point plan of Mme. Maryam Rajavi.

The UK’s only true ally in Iran is the people of Iran, not some moderate faction that the UK government believes exists in the regime. The NCRI is a viable alternative to the Iranian regime.

NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi said in a statement: Our people and resistance have paid a heavy price in the resistance against theocracy in Iran. 120,000 political executions, hundreds of thousands of tortured dissidents, and constant suppression of and discrimination against women as well as ethnic and religious minorities.

Why are the mullahs so much in need of brutal crackdown? Because without it, their regime will fall in the face of widespread public discontent. Because there is an ongoing protest movement against the mullahs across Iran.

The human rights dossier of the Iranian regime and the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran must be referred to the UN Security Council and international tribunals.

The international community must recognize the Iranian people’s right to resistance for a sovereign republic.

Our Resistance seeks to establish a republic based on freedom, democracy and the separation of religion and state, making human rights and gender equality the highest priority.

Lord Clarke of Hampstead

Human rights violations [in Iran] are so well-documented that no one can deny them. We’re aware of these facts, but we must keep the pressure on our governments to take action on these actions on these crimes that take place on a daily basis.

David Jones, MP

There is widespread support for the need to address the regime’s human rights abuses, regional aggression. There’s a strong consensus that the regime must be held to account.

The regime has turned the violation of international law into its own perverse statecraft. The regime comes to the international conference table, boasting that it controls four Arab capitals.

It says that its missile program is for defensive purposes, but then attacks the oil installations of Saudi Arabia.


Roger Godsiff, MP

Neglecting the regime’s systematic human rights abuses, many so-called Iran experts portray it as a quasi-democratic state. They argue that we should negotiate with the regime because it’s a regional superpower and lifting sanctions will benefit the Iranian people.

The only viable policy must include support for the Iranian people in considering the human rights abuses of the regime, which is its Achilles heel. It is naive to believe this regime is capable of moderating its behavior. The people of Iran have an organized alternative, led by a Muslim woman, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, who envisions a free and democratic society.

Steve Pound MP

As long as we are here, showing that we care, there will be worry and concern among the mullahs in Tehran. The tensions are becoming stronger and stronger in Iran. There are young Iranians who have the courage and strength and determination to stand on the streets of their homeland and raise their voices. We want them to know that we are behind them, we support them and we will amplify their voices.



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