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The US Delegation Presents Maryam Rajavi With Letter Of Support Signed By 33 Dignitaries

The US Delegation presents Maryam Rajavi with letter of support signed by 33 dignitaries

In their speeches, each praised Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and leader of the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (MEK), for her tireless commitment to Iranian democracy. They also expressed immense pride in their President, Donald Trump, for his decision to reimpose sanctions against the clerical regime.

A break with the past

Rudy Giuliani showed his pleasure at the end of the United States policy of appeasement towards the clerical regime. He lamented that his government did not do more in 2009 when demonstrations over the rigged election in Iran brought the Iranian population into the streets in fury. “Shame on that administration”, he said.

Giuliani told those gathered that his time was different. This time the president “took out his little phone and he tweeted, and he supported the protestors”, Giuliani said.

He drew comparisons with another prominent turning point in US policy. In the 1980s, under President Ronald Regan, protestors in Poland marched against their communist oppressors. Regan supported the protest movement and gave it his backing. “What happened there?”, Giuliani asked. Just a few years later, the Soviet Union fell, the Berlin Wall came down, and Poland’s oppressors had fallen.

Newt Gingrich echoed these thoughts, adding that the Soviet Union was a powerful force, unlike the mullahs’ regime, which is growing weaker by the day.

Pressuring their European allies

Both Gingrich and Giuliani had messages for their European allies too. “The era of appeasement is over”, Giuliani bellowed, “those who practice appeasement are going to find themselves shamed in world history”.

Gingrich called for a “campaign to shame the European governments who are unwilling to support freedom and democracy.” He added that whatever money European governments and companies are making is a “terrible price to pay” for the people they are betraying in Iran.

Tighter sanctions moving forward

Both men predicted that Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would tighten economic sanctions against the Iranian regime in the future. Giuliani said, “the sanctions will become greater and greater and greater”, adding, “this president does not intend to turn his back on freedom fighters”.

Gingrich agreed. But also called on the Iranian population to continue their struggle in any way they can. He called on them to maintain the protests and help out on social media, using any resources they have.

Gingrich stated, “freedom will come. It has been paid for by the blood of patriots”, talking directly to the Iranians in Iran and in exile abroad, he added, “you are a key part of that”.

A brighter future

The US delegation ended its address by presenting Maryam Rajavi with a letter signed by 33 American dignitaries and former US officials, from both the democrat and republican parties, as a gesture of their ongoing commitment to her cause and the people of Iran.

As the men finished their respective speeches both expressed optimism for Iran’s future. Giuliani shouted, “next year, I want us to have this convention in Tehran!”

If the Iranian population continues to defy the mullahs in the streets of Iran and maintains their commitment to regime change, Giuliani’s wish could become a reality. 

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