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US news agency: NCRI rally to “reshape the Middle East”

What Prince Turki bin Faisal said represented “the redrawing of some lines of history that everybody has insisted will persist until the millennium or the next millennium,” said former U.S. Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, Circa reported.

The Saudi prince addressed the NCRI’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, who had earlier told the crowd that “the overthrow of the religious dictatorship [in Iran] is possible and within reach,” and said, “your legitimate struggle against the Khomeinist regime will achieve its goal, sooner, rather than later.”

“I, too, want the overthrow of the regime,” said Prince Turki bin Faisal, who was once the head of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence branch.

Circa quoted Gingrich as saying that Prince Faisal’s comments meant “that the Saudis are beginning to believe that the current dictatorship is such a threat, that they need to publicly, openly be with the Iranian freedom movement (and) that Iran is really a danger to the stability of the whole region.”

Howard Dean, a former Democratic presidential candidate, told Circa, “This is an absolutely astonishing event.” 

Circa also reported the Iranian regime’s reaction to the event. A spokesman for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said in interviews in Iran that Faisal’s speech indicates “the longstanding link” between Saudi Arabia and the MEK. 

Circa concluded its report by quoting retired commandant of the Marine Corps and four-star General, James Conway, who spoke of Iran’s involvement in Iraq and Syria, where Iranian-backed groups like Hezbollah are utilized in proxy wars and integrated into the political system.

“If you accept that a future Iran with nuclear weapons tied to terrorism could see one day a nuclear weapon in one of our cities that would make Iran a serious consideration, and I would say a serious threat,” said the General.


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