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Western Leaders need to realize the Iranian regime must go

Despite the West’s attempts to appease Iran it has been to no avail, and though “Obama, Justin Trudeau and other Western leaders base their engagement with Iran on the assumption that regime change is beyond reach” Western leaders must look to other methods to ensure stability and freedom in Iran and the Middle East, and it must be one where the Mullah’s regime isn’t included.

Subsequently, many Iranians see it differently as they seek real change in Iran, and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) seeks to bring about such change. The NCRI is holding a “Free Iran” rally in Paris on July 9th, to demonstrate for a freedom and democracy in Iran. Accordingly, “last year, over 100,000 people attended this gathering, including hundreds of parliamentarians, such as former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell”.

The NCRI isn’t allowed to operate in Iran, as the theocratic regime is trying to dismantle the NCRI, thus the NCRI operates in France and across the Western world, and it garners the support of hundreds of thousands of Iranian expats.

Those attending the “Free Iran” rally in Paris seek to have their voices heard, they want a free and democratic Iran, but will Western leaders listen to their plea or will they continue to appease and “legitimize the mullahs and their oppressive rule over Iran?”

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