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White House “intentionally dropped the ball” on Iran

Ginsberg said the “record of meddlesome, terror-laden interference throughout the Middle East by Tehran is growing longer the day.”

The moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, appears to be in control when Iran is really under the control of the Revolutionary Guards and the “political hacks” within Ayatollah Khamenei’s politburo. Funding to the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas have sped up thanks in part to freeing the assets of Iran by the U.S. and Europe. 

Iran continues engagement in its proxy war in Yemen in opposition to the U.S. and its ally, Saudi Arabia. Iran continues aggressive and destabilizing ballistic missile tests in breach of current Security Council resolutions. 

He charges the Revolutionary Guards are stationed inside Syria to support the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad with Shiite militias deployed in ISIS battle areas in northern Iraq. They are part of the Iranian government’s effort to prevent a stable Iraq and curtail the reinstatement of a lasting UN-sponsored cease-fire in Syria.

Ginsberg criticizes Secretary of State John Kerry for sugar-coating “anything that may give rise to criticism of Iran, has turned a blind eye to what U.S. commanders in Iraq are reporting up their chains of command to the Pentagon.”

Middle East allies and the international community, he wrote, would have been safer had the United States nurtured the Iran nuclear agreement with an effectual national security strategy to counter “Iran’s regional designs.” 

Ginsberg’s opinion comes only a few days before the large gathering in Paris on July 9 in support of freedom and democracy in Iran. Attending the rally will be parliamentarians, human and women’s rights activists, religious leaders from Islamic countries, the United States and Europe and numerous senior politicians and Iranians. 

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