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Young Iranians Commemorate MEK Founders

The regime’s utter fear of a new uprising sweeping the country and specific concerns regarding the MEK network of “Resistance Units” throughout Iran.

Mohammad Hanifnejad, Saeid Mohsen and Ali Asghar Badizadegan, were executed by the Shah on May 25, 1972, just seven years after they founded the group. Resistance Units have been paying tribute to their sacrifice this week in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Khoramabad, Beluchestan, Yazd, Rasht, Islam Abad, Karaj, Ahwaz, Shiraz, Qom, Urmia, Qazvin, Gorgan, Bandar Deylam, Ardabil, Mahshahr, Rafsanjan, Babolsar, Lorestan, Behbahan, Shahr-e Rey, and Kerman.

They put up banners and wrote graffiti in various public places to commemorate the MEK founders, with slogans like:

  • “By commemorating the executed founders of the MEK on May 25, 1972, we will continue their path”
  • “The sacrifices of the MEK founders on May 25, 1972, opened the path for change in our history”
  • “The founder of the MEK kept alive at any price the flame of resistance in prison”
  • “The blood of Hanifnejad flows through the veins of the Resistance Units”
  • “The morning of May 25, 1972, was stained with the blood of someone who turned the pages of his country’s history”

The brave actions of the Resistance Units prove that the sacrifices of Hanifnejad, Moshen, and Badizadegan, as well as the over 120,000 MEK members murdered by the Shah or the Mullahs, have not been in vain. They prove that the Iranian people are still willing to risk everything for freedom.

The MEK was founded to oppose the repression of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who ruled with an iron fist. They wanted to overthrow the Shah and bring freedom and democracy to Iran; a goal that drew thousands of Iranians to their cause, despite the failures of previous freedom movements.

Sadly, the Shah’s secret police arrested Hanifnejad, Moshen, and Badizadegan in 1971 and they were sentenced to death. They were offered leniency if they renounced their ideals, but they refused and went to their graves defending freedom in Iran.

Then, Massoud Rajavi, the only member of the MEK’s leadership left alive when the Shah was finally deposed, took over. But the story wasn’t over and the MEK is still fighting for freedom today.

The MEK said: “The sacrifices of the MEK founders set an example of persistence and loyalty that is still admired by Iranians across the globe to this day. And as the activities of the Resistance Units show, they are still a source of inspiration for the Iranian people and the young generation.”


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