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President Barack Obama viewed the conflicts in the Middle East as having their roots in the previous Western colonialism. Additionally he viewed American military use as an incentive for countries like Iran to oppose the U.S. using such means as terrorism. So, President Obama adjusted his foreign policy, believing that openness would be rewarded with cooperation and civility. This belief was the reason the nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime was established and caused him to grant concessions to secure the deal. However, he overlooked such issues as Iran’s support for terror and its human rights record.

As the United States prepares for an assault on ISIS, and with tensions high between the US and Iran in the Middle East, the increased US military presence in the Middle East should be considered a welcome measure.

During his campaign, US President Trump has called the nuclear deal "the worst deal ever negotiated” and said Iran was "the number one terrorist state.” Although he has refrained from “ripping up” the deal, Trump has kept up the rhetorical pressure.

By continuing its relations with countries that undermine the security of the region Qatar’s policies have made the crises in the region more severe, especially by its relations with organizations classified as terrorist groups, like the Hezbollah militia.

By INU Staff

INU - Last week, Qatari state media claimed to have been hacked after material appeared on television and the internet suggesting that the country’s emir had boasted of close relations with Iran while also criticizing fellow Arab leaders for pursuing confrontational policies in response to the expansion of Iranian influence throughout the region. The incident led to the relevant news outlets being blocked in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and it apparently precipitated a minor diplomatic incident.

Syrian rebels have claimed that the United States and some of its allies have been providing them with arms in order to combat the militias that are attempting to setup an overland supply route. The Iran-backed militias are making efforts to open a route that would link Syria and Iraq.


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