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NCRI - In a new book, former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta suggests that President Obama failed to heed his advisers who wanted to leave troops in Iraq past December 2011, which may have contributed to the rise of ISIS, CBS News reported.

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INU- Can Iran be viewed as an ally in the battle against ISIS? In an editorial that appeared in the Washington Post last Friday, three prominent foreign policy experts argued that even in spite of the rise of ISIS, the Iranian regime remains the most serious threat to long-term stability in the Middle East. The editorial by Dennis Ross, Eric Edelman, and Ray Tayekh anticipated and discounted Iranian attempts to work with the US against Sunni militants. The authors remind us that in the past Iran has participated in attacks against US forces and Western interests whenever it was confident that it was not in danger of direct retribution.

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass was UUP Spokesperson for: Defence and Home Office 1997-2000, Defence, Trade and Industry 2000-01. He has been a prominent member of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom and has spoken in numerous conferences on Iran.

By INU staff

INU - Different stories are surfacing on whether the US would seek cooperation from the Islamic Republic in the fight against the Islamic State, and whether there was any hope for that cooperation.


A narrow focus on the Islamic State group and northern Iraq may lead to disaster - again.

NCRI - Iraq’s parliament Monday elected Haider al Abadi, as the country’s prime minister, approved nearly all of his proposed cabinet.


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