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Signs of Trouble for Iran’s Foreign Entanglements

BY INU staff

INU- There is no doubt that Iran is deeply involved in the conflicts taking place in Syria and Iraq. It is also increasingly clear that Iran’s influence is expanding in certain other countries in the region, including Yemen and Bahrain. In most instances, that influence is focused on support for Shiite militias and direction of those groups’ activities toward Iranian interests.

Iran Seeks Own Reconciliations, Obstructs Others

By INU staff

INUIn late December, it was reported that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal was set to visit Tehran, signaling the possibility of reconciliation between the two parties whose relations had been strained in large part by Hamas’ refusal to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria – a difference that highlights the presence of the two parties on opposite sides of the Sunni-Shiite divide.

Iran Disregards Western Threat, Suggesting Continuation of Sectarian Policies

BY INU Staff

INU- The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday that General Ramezan Sharif, the Public Relations Department General of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, had issued another in a series of Iranian statements disregarding the possibility of Western military actions or threats against the Islamic Republic. “the enemy has grown disappointed at military confrontation with the Islamic Republic and has now resorted to a clash of wills, views and insights to change the Iranian nation's behavior,” Sharif said.

Manufacturing Western Support for Iran’s Regional Aims

By INU staff

INU- On Thursday, Iran’s state affiliated Tasnim News Agency expanded upon the Foreign Ministry’s commentary on Wednesday blaming the victims of that that day’s terrorist attack for the actions of extremists. In the first place, Iranian English-language media publicly condemned the attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper but immediately went on to describe that paper’s activities as “unacceptable” and as contributing to “intellectual violence” against the Muslim world.

Western Officials Cast Doubt on Optimism about Iran-US Relations

By INU staff

INU- Although the Iranian government routinely blocks its citizens from freely expressing views on matters of national importance, the young, tech savvy population is highly capable of remaining informed about those matters by evading government censorship and communicating illicitly on social media.

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