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INU - For the first time since the war began in Syria, it seems that the Iranian-backed militants have provided a land route from Iran to Syria's Mediterranean coast. This new route will allow the Iranian regime to provide its allies in Syria through land instead of air that is both simpler and cheaper.

Dexter Filkins, an American journalist in a published article on Friday, June 9th, 2017 in New Yorker wrote: The road network from the Iranian border with Iraq, and Iraq to Syria was gained last week, respectively. When Iranian regime backed militant seized last series of Iraqi villages near the Syrian border.

A Kurdish official said: "The path is complete. The Iranian regime can go from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean”. Syrian Kurdish officials are saying: They do not want any Iraqi paramilitaries on their land. They also do not want the Iranian regime. Iran's allies put pressure on Kurds to cooperate in recent days, and Kurds have said that Russia has threatened to attack them.
Iraqi Kurdish official told Dexter Filkins, he believes the Iranian regime path is inevitable, unless America gets involve and stop it. The Middle East’s future depends to a large extent on who will win. This official said: "It all depends on whether America wants to stop it”?


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