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British Parliamentary Group Warns: Iran is the Destabilizing Force in the Middle East

Iran’s meddling in Iraq has not been a secret, especially under the Nouri al-Maliki’s government. However, recent reports about Iranian war planes and arms being sent to quell oppressed Sunni uprising indicates a new level.

Intelligence reports including one cite by the New York Times on July 8 indicate that Iran has supplied Russian-made attack planes to the Maliki government. An American official has confirmed that at least one of the planes used in attacks had been flown by an Iranian pilot. More troubling is remarks by Pentagon spokesman, Adm. John Kirby on July 8, 2014: “We know that there are some Iranian operatives — Quds Force operatives — inside Iraq that are training and advising some Iraqi security forces, but more critically, Shia militia… And we also know that Iran has flowed in some supplies, arms and ammunition, and even some aircraft for Iraq`s armed forces.” He added: “Iraq has the right to reach out to its neighbors for support.” This legitimisation of the use of the Quds Force, an entity designated as terrorist by the US Government, in Iraq is a dangerous policy.

Media in Iran have been reporting mourning ceremonies for revolutionary guards killed in clashes in Iraq, including an Iranian pilot. A report released by the website of the Secretary General of the regime’s Council of Exigency also indicated that mullahs’ embassy in Baghdad is transferring bodies of 24 Revolutionary Guards, including 4 officers, to Iran. They were killed in clashes in Samarra and around Baghdad beltway.

Funeral ceremonies for the dead Revolutionary Guards are widely publicized in Iran, indicating that the regime, emboldened by the silence of international community, does not even attempt to conceal its military intervention in Iraq, but rather boasts about it as a sign of strength.

The regime’s military supply to Iraq is a total violation of the UN Security Council resolution 1747, paragraph 5: “Iran shall not supply, sell or transfer directly or indirectly from its territory or by its nationals or using its flag vessels or aircraft any arms or related materiel, and that all States shall prohibit the procurement of such items from Iran by their nationals, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, and whether or not originating in the territory of Iran.”

We call on the British and US Governments to break their silence and take this flagrant violation to the UN Security Council. It is totally unacceptable to cooperate with central banker of international terrorism, as the Iranian regime has been described by the US officials on many occasions, to fight the terrorist group of ISIS. The most effective way to eliminate extremism in Iraq and neutralize ISIS is to recognize the need for change in Iraq, end Iran’s meddling and form a national unity government without Iran’s collaborator Nouri al-Maliki.

To justify its unlawful military presence in Iraq, the Iranian regime has been widely attributing the Sunni uprising against Maliki’s tyrannical rule entirely to ISIS. To this end it has launched a fear campaign to prevent any support for the just demands of the Iraqi people for political reform, and to demonize those who seek removal of Maliki.

We are also warning about a looming tragedy as Iranian propaganda prepares to justify a looming tragedy. We fear on good grounds that Tehran is setting the stage to massacre the 2800 dissident, non-violent Iranians in Camp Liberty in Iraq. The UN and in particular United State bear full responsibility for the safety of these people.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the opposition coalition of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), comprising the PMOI/MeK, on June 27 in Paris offered a principled position on recent developments in Iraq, which we fully support.

She said, “The Iranian regime has made vain attempts to confront the Iraqi people’s uprising by characterizing the rebellion of millions of Iraqis as terrorism and actions of extremist groups. This was while tribal leaders and the people of Iraq have for weeks repeatedly condemned any form of extremism and terrorism as well as any assault and aggression against civilians. They have underscored that they themselves had been at war with terrorism and Al-Qaeda in Iraq previously and are prepared to do so again… Regardless of the prevailing analysis or opinions on the present situation, there is widespread consensus internationally that the current state of affairs in Iraq emanates from Maliki’s authoritarian and suppressive policies.”

BPCIF believes that Iran is a destabilizing force in the region, and strongly warns the international community, especially the US and UN, for silence on Iran’s growing meddling in Iraq. The Iranian regime is a growing and major cause of the situation in Iraq, and should be evicted from that country. Iraqi politics, not Iranian force, should determine country’s future.

Lord Carlile of Berriew QC CBE

Co-Chair of British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom and the UK government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation from 2001 until 2011.  

12 July 2014


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