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NCRI Blasts Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities and Calls for World to Act

NCRI condemns the Iranian regime’s missile and drone attack on oil installations in Saudi Arabia

She described the attack as a major step and a new phase in the warmongering aggressions of the Regime, emphasising that the mullahs will only react to power and decisiveness, before reiterating that the first victims of the Regime are the Iranian people themselves.

She said: “The clerical regime’s simultaneous missile and drone attacks from inside Iran on oil installations in Saudi Arabia is an act of war. The mullahs only understand the language of strength and firmness. Inaction vis-à-vis their religious fascist regime only emboldens them. The people of Iran are the first victims of this regime. The decisive solution to rid the Middle East of all its crises caused by the religious fascism in Iran is the change of the illegitimate regime by the Iranian people and their organized resistance.”

For further proof of the Regime’s belligerence, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei rejected any negotiations at any level with the United States unless “America repented”.

He said: “They send the Europeans… to insist on us to come and have a meeting with the American President and all your problems will be solved. This is because they want to prove that the policy of maximum pressure is a success. On the contrary, we must prove that the policy of maximum pressure is not worth a penny.”

This shows that the Regime is terrified of the US “maximum pressure” policy, which is why they are trying so hard to make others believe it’s not working. It is important that the world also take a “maximum pressure” approach to defeat the mullahs, without the need for a costly war in the Middle East. The international community should:

• Reinstate previous United Nations Security Council resolutions on the mullahs’ nuclear weapons project and the ban on enrichment
• Evict the regime, it’s Revolutionary Guards and mercenary militias from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan
• Place Khamenei, his offices, the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence on the terrorist watch list
• Refer the clerical regime’s dossier on human rights abuses and atrocities, especially the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners to an international court
• Recognize the right of the Iranian people’s Resistance to overthrow the ruling theocracy and attain freedom

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