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The US and Saudi Arabia Should Work Together to Eliminate Iran Regime

Alavi wrote that the current rulers in both nations are already aligned on the threat posed by the Iranian Regime and that this would merely be the next step to reign in the Regime and clear the way for democracy in Iran.

He wrote: “[For] far too long the international community has failed to recognise the fact that the regime in Iran is controlled by aggressive fanatics that will literally stop at nothing to seek their interests, while knowing their internal status is extremely fragile.

Alavi wrote that by uniting their efforts, the US could lead the West and Saudi Arabia could lead the Arab world without the need for another war in the Middle East.

He wrote that over the past 16 years, the world has learnt a lot of lessons about the dangers of starting military conflicts if you are not prepared for the outcomes.

Alavi wrote: “The war in Afghanistan toppled the rule of Taliban and the al-Qaeda safe haven, and yet the lack of a legitimate post-war strategy allowed Iran take complete advantage of this void. The invasion of Iraq was unnecessary and again played into the hands of Tehran’s regime, providing it with the opportunity to spread its devious mentality of fundamentalism, sectarian extremism and terrorism.”

He continued: “The Arab Spring has reiterated to us that without an alternative opposition, no regime change will render any positive outcome. The current state of Libya is an unfortunate reminder. Most important of all, the international community is coming to understand that a policy of engagement and appeasement vis-à-vis the regime in Iran will only further fuel instability.”

Luckily, Iran would not be able to seize power if the US and Saudi Arabia worked together, and Iran has a government-in-exile which had good relationships with the rest of the world and is ready and waiting to take the reins.
Alavi wrote: “The Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran, led by its President Maryam Rajavi, has presented a 10-point plan able to facilitate the changes needed for the better good of the Iranian people, and nations across the Middle East.”

Alavi said that now is the time to begin hitting back against the Regime, in order to achieve peace in the Middle East and an end to Islamist terrorism.

He wrote: “Washington and Riyadh should begin pushing back at Tehran by targeting this regime’s financial assets to begin with. Considering the fact that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, known as the regime’s praetorians, control around 40 percent of the country’s economy, it is vital to designate this entity as a foreign terrorist organisation. If not, its support for the Lebanese Hezbollah, Shiite proxies in Syria, sectarian groups in Iraq and the Houthis of Yemen, to name a few, will continue. And peace will forever elude the Middle East.”

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