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U.S. moves towards addressing Iran’s interference in Iraq

Thousands of people have been hospitalised after drinking the water and there are serious electricity issues that are impeding the lives of many.

The Iranian regime considers Iraq essential in its goal of reaching the Mediterranean. It is even more important than ever as the regime starts losing ground elsewhere after a series of setbacks. Several regime officials have been open about how regime’s survival hinges on success in Iraq.

The people of Iraq are determined to take back control of their own country. They want their politicians to serve the best interests of the country and its people and to get rid of Iran’s influence.

Removing Iran from Iraq is also on the agenda for the United States, Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries. They can see that Iran’s presence in Iraq is nothing but detrimental and are helping the Iraqis regain state control.

It was announced earlier this week that Republican senators in the United States would like to bring in new legislation regarding Iran’s increasing involvement in Iraq. Some of the senators supporting the bill include Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and David Perdue.

This news comes after a series of attacks in Iraq that the United States believes Iranian proxy groups are responsible for. At the end of last week, it was reported that the International Zone of Baghdad, commonly referred to as the Green Zone, was hit by several mortar shells.

The Green Zone is heavily fortified and is where parliament is housed. It also contains foreign embassies and numerous government buildings. The attack last week is the first one that has targeted the Green Zone in several years.

The proposed bill entitled “Iranian Proxies Terrorist Sanctions Act” involves sanctions related to terrorist activities carried out by Iran-controlled militias. The U.S. Secretary of State would also be obliged to publish and update a list naming the armed groups that are supported by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Earlier this week, the United States said that it will respond “swiftly and decisively” if any Americans are injured or if any U.S. facilities are damaged in future attacks.
The legislation will have to be discussed by congressional committees but the senators hope that it will soon become law.

Failed policies of appeasement have permitted the Iranian regime to create chaos across the Middle East but the current U.S. administration is trying to put an end to Iran’s belligerence once and for all.

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