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Iranian media is reporting that UN inspectors have been granted access to the Saghand uranium mine in central Iran, and that plans have been worked out as to how that mine will be monitored. However, this story comes only days after Iran’s atomic energy organization denied inspectors access to a suspected facility at Parchin. The contrasting events suggest that the regime is once again cherry-picking the sites that it opens to inspectors – a strategy that derailed negotiations soon after the Iranian nuclear program became a cause for Western concerns about a decade ago.

The New York Times: By KENNETH M. POLLACK — The United States and its allies have finally begun to work out the terms of a nuclear deal with Iran. That’s hopeful because an agreement that forecloses Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons would be enormously beneficial.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel participates in a question and answer period at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington 

The Diplomat: By Lord Carlile- While nuclear negotiations continue, Tehran tries to crack down on internal dissent.People who care about human rights and democracy should be appalled by the recent news of theunprovoked raid on a Tehran prison housing many of Iran’s political prisoners. However, as is often the case with these things, it can be important to recognize something of a hopeful story that lays buried beneath the major narrative.

(Reuters) - A senior U.S. official signaled optimism on Sunday about a possible resolution of the Iranian nuclear dispute but said Washington remained concerned that Iran's ballistic missiles threatened Gulf Arab states.

Source: Iran poses a serious threat to the United States, whose government is failing to counter it, former New York mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani told an enthusiastic crowd in Phoenix on Friday.

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