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Amb. Ross: U.S. Policy on Iran Causing Discomfort Among Allies, Must Be Balanced

The Obama administration’s approach toward nuclear talks with Iran is generating unease among Washington’s traditional Arab and Israeli allies – and will at a minimum need to be counterbalanced by robust pushback against other elements of Iran’s foreign policy -  testimony submitted last Thursday to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations by veteran American diplomacy Ambassador Dennis Ross:

Iran: Threats and the Nuclear Deal

The Obama administration’s decision to take a generous view of Iranian oil exports and the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) may be motivated by the administration’s desperate desire to see a nuclear deal brokered successfully.

Iran: Nuclear talks and possible extension of deadline

Bilateral Talks 

This week, the US and Iran have engaged in bilateral talks to attempt reconciliation of their differences on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program and the West’s attempt to contain it. On Tuesday, it was reported that Deputy Secretary William Burns had been dispatched to the talks to join other American negotiators in the talks that began on Monday and were scheduled to last only two days. Burns was instrumental in helping the US to secure the interim deal that was reached last November, and his arrival at these latest talks is being seen as a symbol of the urgency that the US has ascribed to them.

U.S. reassembles key officials for Iran nuke talks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. is reassembling key members of the diplomatic team that held secret negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, leading to a breakthrough agreement, and is sending them to Geneva for direct talks with representatives from Tehran in hopes of making progress toward a comprehensive final deal. 

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