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By INU Staff

INU - According to sources from within the White House on Wednesday, Donald Trump has made up his mind to withdraw from the Iranian Nuclear Deal on May 12, but it is still unclear exactly how he will do so.

As Nuclear Deal's Future Remains Uncertain, Iran Solicits Help From Eastern Allies

By Poorang Novak

French President Emmanuel Macron completed a three-day trip to Washington on Wednesday, which included meetings his American counterpart and a speech to the US Congress. One major purpose for that trip was to expand upon European efforts to convince Donald Trump to preserve the 2015 Iran nuclear deal beyond the May 12 deadline for the renewal of sanctions waivers put into place by the agreement. Trump renewed those waivers on January but warned that he would not do so again unless Congress and the European signatories to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement upon a plan for fixing its “terrible flaws.”

The Iran Nuclear Deal and Its Repercussions

By INU Staff

INU - With a May 12th deadline, US President Trump must soon decide whether to rescind the nuclear deal with Iran. His announcement of Ambassador John Bolton as National Security Advisor seems to make it clear that he’s prepared to abandon it.

Iran's Anti-American Rhetoric Continues

By INU Staff

INU - Since the strikes led by the United States and involving the United Kingdom and France on Syrian targets, Iran has been spreading lies and misinformation. The strike was initiated because of the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria and the leaders involved asserted that they were obliged to act so that another attack does not happen.

What Happens If the Iran Nuclear Deal Falls Apart?

By INU Staff

INU - The future of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement is unknown. Next month, the Iran Nuclear Review Act is due for renewal. US President Donald Trump has said that he will not keep his country in the deal if the other signatories do not take decisive steps to fix the flaws, strengthen it and address Iran’s belligerence and ballistic missile program.

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