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INU - Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian regime's parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission and a close associate of Khamenei, has stated that the regime’s nuclear policy falls under Khamenei’s guidance and hence would not be affected by the presidential election.

The Mehr news agency, affiliated with the ministry of intelligence, quoted Boroujerdi on May 24 as saying: “We have seen our achievements in this area peaking sharply. Despite the wishes of the United States, we have been successful in the nuclear arena. The West tells us that we should not enrich uranium, but we are doing it and have had major achievements.”

Referring to statements by some candidates who speak out in criticism of the economy and sanctions, he added: “These candidates should look on the positive side as this is the right of the people and the system (the regime). Our success with the nuclear issue is of the utmost importance. The US has imposed sanctions on us, but these sanctions have been ineffective, Iran has been successful at skirting them by various means. Our nuclear policies have been successful and the US and its friends are the losers. Ultimately we want to talk about and explain our nuclear achievements and the path forward.”

Boroujerdi, also head of the political committee of election campaign of Ali Akbar Velayati (Khamenei’s advisor), said of election candidates’ foreign policy propaganda: “Relations with the US is our red line. This is the policy of the regime and the Supreme Leader, and he insists upon it.”

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