It is all just political play because the Iranian regime is in no position to demand anything from anyone.

However, this has not stopped the Europeans from panicking. They are desperate to keep the 2015 nuclear deal intact and are doing everything in their might to prevent anything from derailing it, so are attempting to meet Iran’s demands. according to Dr. Majid Rafizadeh in an article in Arab News.

Conceding to Iran would display major weakness that the Iranian regime will no doubt continue to exploit. Lessons can be learnt from the Obama administration that conceded to Iran time and time again. Obama thought concessions would moderate Iran’s belligerence. The reality though was that the concessions made Obama look weak and Iran took advantage. It became emboldened and carried out malign acts safe in the knowledge that Obama would not dare say anything that would upset Iran for fear of derailing his nuclear deal legacy.

Once concession led to Iran demanding more and we are seeing history repeat itself.

The Supreme Leader had urged the EU to ensure that the issue of its ballistic missile program and its regional “activities” are not brought up. In other words, he wants the Iranian military to continue to spread chaos across the Middle East and wants Europe to keep quiet about it.

Another demand is for the guarantee of oil sales.

Why does Iran think it can make such demands? It has mismanaged the wealth of the nation for decades and has even plundered the savings and investments of its own people.

Iran needs the nuclear deal. Without it in place it simply cannot continue. The European leaders should recognise this and act accordingly. Iran is in an extremely weak position and it should not be handed concessions on a plate. Especially when there is absolutely nothing in return.

Dr. Rafizadeh suggests that the European leaders should see this as an opportunity to tighten its foreign policy towards Iran and ensure that the regime stops its interference in the region.

Iran’s revenues from sanctions relief are what it keeping the regime going. However, it is not the people of Iran that are benefitting from the additional revenue – it is proxy groups and militias scattered across the region, as well as the country’s military.

Never has there been a better time in recent years for the EU to put pressure on the Iranian regime. It must, however, urgently make it clear to the regime that it will not bow to Iran’s demands which are quite frankly laughable.

The EU is in the best position to make a change to the regime’s damaging belligerence. It can put Iran in its place and put it on the path to being a constructive player, not a destructive one.