He said: “This is a last chance. [E]ither fix the deal’s disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw.”
Since then, Europe has not made significant progress in fixing the deal. Indeed, they seem content to preserve it as is. Meanwhile, Trump has stacked his cabinet with Iran hawks like Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State) and John Bolton (National Security Advisor) who will not discourage him from pulling out of the deal, which Trump has called “the worst deal ever”.
Strangely, the fixes were fairly basic:
• Allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) full access to suspected Iranian nuclear sites
• Remove the ‘sunset clauses’ that allow Iran to legally develop nuclear weapons in the near future
• Stop Iran from developing/testing ballistic missiles
Who could possibly oppose that? There are many more flaws in the nuclear deal that weren’t even addressed by Trump.
Scott Johnson wrote on Powerline: “Even if Trump’s proposed fixes fall short of what would be necessary to make the deal meaningful, Trump has the big picture right.”
A mistake
The nuclear deal was a mistake in the first place, given that the crippling sanctions on Iran had nearly toppled the Regime. The equivalent of giving CPR to the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism and allowed money to flow back into the hands of the mullahs who used it to fund war, terrorism, and oppression. To not even attempt to put more restrictions on Iran is helping the terrorists.
Many experts believe that the Iranian Regime is already violating the nuclear deal, so why would the world accept that? Why would anyone not advocate imposing further restrictions – that really should have been part of the original deal – on a Regime that is hell-bent on creating nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US?
Those who defend the deal are taking war criminals and human rights abusers at their word, but why? Johnson wrote that those still defending the nuclear deal are like Neville Chamberlain telling the British public not to worry about Adolf Hitler and we all know how that turned out.