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Iran Regime lied about nuclear programme

These revelations are hardly surprising. The world has known for a long time that the Iranian Regime continually lied about their nuclear weapons programme, which was largely conducted on secret military sites.

In 2002, leading Iranian dissident organization, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, smuggled this information out of Iran and to the West. So, Netanyahu wasn’t actually showing anything new to the world, but he did help to demonstrate that the Iranian Regime has consistently lied about their nuclear weapons, something that the Iran lobby, particularly the National Iranian American Council, has often tried to hide.

In the lead up to the Iran nuclear deal of 2015, the NIAC maintained that the Regime had never attempted to build a bomb, but instead wanted a civilian nuclear programme. It attempted to justify the lax weapons inspections by claiming that Iran wasn’t focused on building a bomb. Of course, given the pitiful weapons inspections, this would never be proven.
Netanyahu’s conference on Monday revealed the worst kept secret in geopolitics: Iran was building nuclear weapons.

Trita Parsi, NIAC president, issued a statement after Monday’s conference that completely ignored the Regime’s deception and instead tried to convince Donald Trump to remain in the Iran nuclear deal, claiming that the Regime is a moderate force.

The thing is that we now know Iran has been spending the cash that it got as part of the Iran deal on propping up Bashar Assad in Syria and on reinvigorating its ballistic missile programme. Why would Trump want that to continue?

Simply, the Iranian Regime lied about its nuclear programme and the Iran lobby lied about the lies. This is all part of an attempt to gaslight the international community and convince everyone not to take action against the Iranian Regime for its malign actions.

This action need not be military action. Instead, economic sanctions would greatly help to limit the Regime’s power and allow the people to take over in their anti-regime uprising.

Laura Carnahan wrote on Iran Lobby: “What [the] NIAC won’t tell you is that it isn’t worried about the threat of war, but the threat of renewed economic sanctions coming at a time when the regime is as weak and vulnerable as it has ever been. The prospect of regime change under those conditions is what terrifies Parsi and Costello and their comrades in arms.”

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