In its 2020 report, the Bureau spoke about the Iranian regime’s infringements of the nuclear Non–Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the about the MEK’s role in revealing the infringements since 2002. It was then that the MEK revealed that the regime intended to build nuclear weapons, which was why it was constructing facilities at Natanz and Arak that were not revealed to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This led to Iran inspections by the IAEA and Iran being deemed non-compliant.

In 2009, the MEK reported that the regime was developing uranium, which led to the regime quickly announcing that a uranium facility was being constructed in Qom, and resulted in numerous United Nations’ Security Council resolutions on Iran from 2006 to 2011; including five that consisted of compulsory obligations under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

Recently, the MEK revealed that the regime lied about even closing down its nuclear sites following the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was supposed to end Iran’s nuclear weapons development in exchange for sanctions relief.


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If the MEK hadn’t made these revelations, the Middle East could have seen a nuclear Iran or an arms race. Yet, still, Iran is breaching its commitment under the 2015 nuclear deal because it was stockpiling too much uranium that was enriched at a level beyond that allowed. In fact, Iran announced last September that it would lift “all limits on its development of more advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment”. Given that, what is the point in anyone still remaining in the deal?

The US has continued to criticize Iran for developing nuclear weapons, saying that Iran’s actions are unacceptable and threaten worldwide peace. It urged the international community to the IAEA, as it “continues to fulfill its critical mandate to verify the non-diversion of nuclear energy to nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices”. It further said that the regime should fully comply and cooperate with the IAEA in a prompt manner on all such issues.

The reports provided to the world by the MEK have informed the international community about the regime’s intentions to build nuclear weapons. If it hadn’t been for the MEK, the world would be facing a fascist religious dictatorship that had nuclear weapons with which to carry out its state-sponsored terrorism. The MEK has said repeatedly that Iran is rich in resources, so it has no need for nuclear energy – the claimed purpose of these plants – let alone nuclear bombs. The regime has wasted billions of dollars in an attempt to become a nuclear power that could have better served the Iranian people with healthcare or unemployment assistance or training programs.

The MEK has provided this information at great personal cost for the benefit of the world.