The February 23, 2021 report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) states that they found anthropogenic uranium particles at two sites in Iran, sites that Iran refused to allow IAEA inspectors to access for months. Despite this, Iran has not answered the IAEA’s questions about these findings and IAEA Director Rafael Grossi expressed concerns over this.

One of the two sites is in the Abadeh region where the Marivan project is underway and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have recently revealed a lot of information about the site. This includes:

  • The site was built by Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) controlled companies in the mid-1990s under the supervision of then-Minister of Defense Major General Ali Shamkhani
  • The site was part of a project managed by the Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research, which is involved in nuclear weapons
  • The site was constructed for the Marivan project and to be used by the ODIR subdivision, the Center for Research and Expansion of Technologies on Explosions and Impact, which is involved in building nuclear high-explosive detonators
  • One project worker is top Iranian explosives and high-impact specialist Dr. Saeed Borji who, while currently in another role still conducts research for the nuclear weapons program’s explosives and impact fields
  • The process used to clean the site is similar to that of the Parchin site in 2012, where there was a special explosive chamber, and the Shian-Lavizan site in 2004, which was exposed in the Resistance’s first revelations about Iran’s nuclear programme

The Iranian Resistance wrote: “The fact is that the mullahs’ regime is seeking to acquire nuclear weapons as a strategic means to guarantee its survival, and for this reason, it has never abandoned its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. This pursuit has continued unabated for the past three decades… As the popular dissent is growing in Iran, demonstrated clearly during the nationwide uprising in November 2019, and with the change of balance of power in the region to the mullahs’ detriment, the mullahs need to obtain the bomb more than ever before… The Iranian regime’s engagement with the world community over its nuclear program over the past three decades has been entwined with duplicity, denial, deception and cover-up.”

Of course, the regime will not change on its own and even international sanctions will only go so far. The Resistance said that the ultimate solution is regime change by the people, which can be sped up by sanctions and firmness by the international community.

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