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Patrick Kennedy: US must offer no concessions in Iran nuclear talks


The mullahs in Iran must be halted from their meddling in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and throughout the Middle East, President John F Kennedy’s nephew said.

He told delegates on Saturday: “Thirty six years since the revolution, we are witnessing the continued revolution of the people of Iran.

“We must continually remind ourselves that these things of the past are happening today in Camp Liberty. They have happened in Camp Ashraf, they are happening to the people of Yemen who are pressed because of the financing of the Iranian mullahs.

“They are happening to the people of Iraq who have seen greater violence because of the oppression executed by the mullahs they are happening through Hezbollah. Which is being financed by the mullahs and they are happening to the people of Syria because of the oppression and the financing of the Quds Force and the mullahs.

“The fight for freedom by you, the MEK, the PMOI, is a universal fight for all people who value freedom, because what affects one directly affects all indirectly and we have seen the far reach of the mullahs as they stretch their terrorist hands across the globe.

“We have a agreement ready to be signed that would allow Iran to continue the terrorism of this brutal regime not only upon the people of Iran but over people throughout the world. Because a nuclear mullah-run Iran will only fortify their reign of terror around the world.

“Why would we ever allow the mullahs in Iran to have a loaded nuclear gun pointed at the head of the world community?

“Why do we think that we can do business with such a monolithic evil that has killed so many of their own people and has killed so many others around the world?”

He also accused the United States of relaxing sanctions, giving them the financial ability to ‘pursue, continue and expand’ their nuclear programme.

He added: “How many times must we have to live and learn these lessons of history over and over and over again. It’s time that we do the right thing. It’s time that the congress double down on the sanctions. It’s time that the world community double down on the sanctions, and it’s time that we support the democratic alternative to the mullahs and that is the PMOI, MEK and Madame Rajavi.”