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The Major Event of 2014′: Krauthammer Says Obama Has Given Up on Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

In an interview with Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” the Pulitzer winning cyndiacted columnist Krauthammer, whose articles appear in the Washington Post among other publications, also warned that Israel is likely to attack Iran to degrade their nuclear capability if the current nuke negotiations between the Middle East nation and Western powers are not successful. 

“History will remember this year if for nothing else than the surrender on Iran, that will be the major event of 2014,” he said. 

“It’s not being talked about in part because we are trying to get Iran to tacitly help us with the war with ISIS (the Islamic State), and mostly in part because President Obama gave up on these negotiations long ago.

“He weakened sanctions even before this round of sanctions, so we already have tons of European countries lining up in Teheran waiting for the full collapse of sanctions, which they know is coming.”

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations on Monday that a nuclear-armed Iran posed a far greater threat to the West than “militant Islamists on pickup trucks” from the Islamic State.

In his remarks on Fox News, Krauthammer warned that even if the negotiations between Western powers and Iran are successful, “it will leave Iran a few months away from the bomb.” He added, “We know it, Obama knows it, Iran knows, the world knows it.”

He said that Netanyahu will not order an attack on Iran right now because he would look like a warmonger by “intruding” on the nuclear talks. But he expects Israel to take military action against Iran if they look like having the ability to build a bomb, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Krauthammer told O’Reilly, “Let’s assume the negotiations do not succeed, then second thing is that it hinges on is, do the Israelis have the capacity to damage the Iranian program, to set it back maybe two to three years?”

He continued: “The only thing that would prevent Netanyahu from attacking — this is a man who knows the weight of history is on his shoulders and he’s aware that Jewish history relies on his making the right decision — the only thing that will restrain them is if they think they do not have the capacity.

“I think Israel can do it. I think the assumption is, it can do it. But if it doesn’t attack, it will be for one reason only: they thought they couldn’t do it.”

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