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Trump administration disputing over future of Iran nuclear deal

President Trump has made no secret of his disproval of the nuclear deal. He talked about it during the election campaign, describing it as the worst deal. However, the deal is still intact but that does not mean he accepts it. He is willing to speak out against his advisors and may break with some of them in October when the deal is reviewed in October.

He promised to scrap the deal during the election process. However, if he does so, it will be a potential blow to relations between the US and major allies such as France, Germany and Great Britain – backers of the nuclear deal.

/Iran has carried out many violations of the nuclear deal and has provoked many countries as well as carrying out ballistic missile activities. Whether France, Germany and Great Britain would back Trump is unknown.

The 2015 deal has resulted in an opening for business between Europe and Iran, and sanctions on the country were eased with Iran’s promises to curb its nuclear activities.

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Trump strongly disagree on the action that needs to be taken. Last month, Trump told reporters that he thinks Iran will be judged noncompliant at the next review in October. Tillerson said earlier this week that this would have serious and significant consequences.

Tillerson believes that if the Iran deal remains intact, the United States will have more leverage over Iran than if there was no deal in place. He said that if the deal remains intact, the US can “make the point to Iran that we expect you to get back in line with the spirit of the agreement and we’re going to stay here and hold you accountable to it”.

Although Trump and his Secretary of State are not on the same page regarding the future of the nuclear deal, it is a positive change to the previous administration’s complete neglect to confront Iran’s belligerence.


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