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INU - The beginning of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union comes at a time when Western powers are in the midst of policy alternatives in key areas, such as the future of Iran and its regional power structure.

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INU - On Thursday, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley once again played a clear role in promoting the Trump administration’s assertive policies toward the Islamic Republic of Iran when she spoke at a United Nations Security Council briefing on the topic. Reuters quoted Haley as criticizing the international body for failing “to even take minimal steps to respond” to repeated and deliberate violations of sanctions and restrictions imposed by the Security Council.

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INU - US Senate Republicans and Democrats joined forces to pass a bill of sanctions Iran that involve many financial penalties.

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INU - The former Foreign Minister of Italy and member of United Against Nuclear Iran’s Advisory board, Giulio Terzi, has said that Europe needs to align its policies with those of the United States when it comes to dealing with Iran.

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INU - The US Senate allowed numerous sanctions to be passed last week regarding Iran’s support for terrorism, its ballistic missile program and the numerous human rights violations it has been carrying out for decades.

On Thursday the Senate voted to impose new sanctions on Iran that will expand penalties for terrorism and Tehran’s continuing push for ballistic missiles. This legislation is a first for congressional Republicans, as it wasn’t initiated by the Trump administration.


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