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US Sanctions People Linked to Iran’s WMD Program

The United States has issued sanctions against two people, which they say are running procurement networks linked to the Iranian Regime, for engaging in secretive acquisition activities that are believed to benefit the Iranian Regime’s military.

Mixed Signals Regarding Iran-US Talks in the Wake of G-7 Summit

This past weekend marked the latest meeting of G-7 nations, and issues relating to the Islamic Republic of Iran were predictably a major topic of conversation. What was less predictable, however, was the last-minute invitation extended to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif by the gathering’s host, French President Emmanuel Macron. The two men had separately met in Paris on Friday, but Zarif was not scheduled to participate in the proceedings. Plans were reportedly altered after representatives of the seven leading economic powers shared dinner on Saturday evening and expressed general agreement on their goals with respect to Iran’s nuclear program and its impact on regional and global security.

American and European Strategies for Iran Seem Divided Before G-7 Summit

In advance of this weekend’s G-7 summit, multiple outlets reported that the United Kingdom and France were signaling greater alignment in their approach to dealing with emerging issues and rising tensions involving the Islamic Republic of Iran. More specifically, these two European signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have seemingly moved to present a unified challenge to the US president’s strategy of “maximum pressure.” This would presumably also entail participation from the third European signatory, Germany, which has previously collaborated with the UK and France to establish a special payment mechanism, INSTEX, for the purpose of coordinating transactions with Iranian entities while avoiding American sanctions enforcement.

Europe must cancel Zarif’s visit

The Iranian Regime’s state-run news agencies are reporting that Mohammad Javad Zarif, the mullahs’ Minister of State for Foreign Affairs is scheduled to begin a visit to Finland, Sweden and Norway on August 19.

Iran Regime Officials Scared of US Sanctions

Iran Regime Officials Scared of US Sanctions

By INU Staff

INU - After the US imposed sanctions on Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, regime officials began to voice their fear about the current situation.

During an August 5 news conference, Zarif started shouting that he wasn’t angry and asking why, if the US wants to negotiate, they would put him and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on the sanctions list.

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