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INU - Iranian parliament chief Ali Larijani expressed grave concern over a US Senate decision, with over 90 votes in favor, paving the path for new sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and Iran.

By INU Staff

INU - The remarks passed by the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury dismayed the Iran regime and questioned the deal with Airbus and Boeing.

Steven Mnuchin announced last week that the Boeing deal with the Iran regime will be reviewed. This stance, which is in line with the demands of the U.S. Congress, is also of concern for the Iran regime and its trading partners.

Once again, after President Donald Trump put Tehran “on notice” for its missile tests, Iran has successfully test-fired new missiles during the Islamic Republic’s naval drills.

During a large-scale drill, code-named Velayat 95, in the strategic southern waters, Iran’s navy tested its domestically-manufactured missiles. Just three weeks after the Trump administration put new sanctions on the Islamic Republic in place, Tehran is testing Washington again. 

Many believe that the foundations of a sensible Iran policy is being developed by the Trump administration.

The regime leaders seem to be made uneasy by the Trump team’s tough rhetoric. Iran is more likely to hesitate in the face of new sanctions and being put “on notice”, a big change from the  past few years, when it brandished a its triumphs in the region.  The Trump administration must now keep the pressure on.

In their February 7 article for The Hill, Emanuele Ottolenghi senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Boris Zilberman, deputy director of congressional relations and a Russia analyst, co-contributed an opinion piece on why the US must enforce sanctions on Iran. 

In an article for, on February 6, Jeff Daniels, coordinating producer for CNBC, wrote about the agreement Boeing made with Iran to sell them 80 passenger jets.

He writes that according to analysts, while the deal may not be directly impacted by new U.S. sanctions on Tehran it could still unravel.


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