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Thomas Shannon

By INU Staff
INU - On Tuesday, Townhall reported upon a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in which Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon addressed the hotly debated issue of new policies through which some believe the Obama administration is moving to provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with access to the US financial system. This has been criticized by many members of Congress as a betrayal of the administration’s numerous prior assurances that such access would not be granted under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and that the US would maintain some significant restrictions on the Iranian economy.

By INU Staff
INU - Following Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s speech on Wednesday praising his country’s ballistic missile program, Iran News Update reported that his bold commentary on the subject might have been motivated in part by the perception that the US was powerless to generate an international response to Iran’s early March ballistic missile tests. Those tests have been regarded as deliberate defiance of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, but arguably cannot be characterized as “violations” because the resolution merely “calls upon” Iran to avoid such tests.

By INU Staff
INU - On Friday, a number of international partners gathered in Washington for a nuclear security summit, where US President Barack Obama addressed the current status and anticipated impact of the Iran nuclear agreement, which was concluded last July and implemented in January. Obama indicate that “full and continued implementation” is still something that the negotiating parties are pursuing.” And according to comments recorded by Reuters, he stated that this was something that would require ongoing cooperation among the nations involved.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer

By INU Staff
INU - Ahead of a visit to Austria by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to discuss matter including Iranian-European trade cooperation, Austrian President Heinz Fischer has made public statements indicating that it may be some time before all economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic are removed.

The deputy chair of the Iranian parliament’s National Security Committee has announced that 50 trillion rials (U.S. $1.65 billion) of Iran’s released funds will be spent to strengthen the country’s defense.

Ahmad Sheikhzadeh

By INU Staff
INU - A consultant to Iran’s mission to the United Nations has been criminally charged with violating a U.S. law against dealing with that country, according to an indictment made public on Wednesday, Reuters reported on March 24th.


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