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As White House Pushes Relief for Iran, More Americans Urge New Sanctions

By INU Staff
INU- Over the past few weeks, reports about the Iran nuclear deal have tended to emphasize that despite early discord and reluctance, the Iranians appear to be moving steadily forward with their end of the agreement’s implementation. This means that if the International Atomic Energy Agency confirms the dismantlement of thousands of enrichment centrifuges, the removal of low-enriched uranium from the country, and the reconfiguration of the Arak heavy water facility, the path will be clear for Western powers to suspend or remove sanctions on Iranian nuclear program, resulting in an influx of about 100 billion dollars into the Islamic Republic.

Timetable for Sanctions Relief Exposes Disagreements about Iran’s Trustworthiness

By INU staff
INU-  Most media reports now indicate that sanctions relief under the Iran nuclear agreement will likely begin, at least in part, sometime in January. Many of these reports neglect the fact that early Western projections following the deal’s formal adoption suggested that the implementation process would take between four and six months, with sanctions relief coming sometime in the spring.

US Greenlights Business with Iran even as JCPOA Implementation Remains Far Off

By INU staff
INU -Last week, a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency assessed the extent to which Iran had already undertaken measured necessary for implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action between it and the P5+1 group of nations. While some media have emphasized the fact that the Islamic Republic had indeed begun to fulfill those obligations, others focused on the fact that it appeared to be dragging its heels.

Some Advocate for Sanctions Relief on Basis of Limited Iranian Compliance

By INU staff

INU - Much attention has been given to Iran’s recent moves to implement the July 14 nuclear agreement. Those efforts, however, have been measured at best. The Times of Israel pointed out on Wednesday that dismantled enrichment centrifuges were mostly drawn from the ranks of those that had been idle, thus minimizing the time in which Iran could return to its prior enrichment capacity. Meanwhile, Iran’s stockpiles of low enriched uranium have reportedly grown rather than shrinking, and work has not gone forward on deactivating the core of the Arak heavy water plant.

Rouhani Maintains Dubious Claims About Pace of Sanctions Removal

By INU staff

INU - Reuters reported on Thursday that despite persistent skepticism from Western officials and analysts, the administration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani continues to insist that economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic will be suspended before the end of the year. Iran recently began deactivating some uranium enrichment centrifuges as required by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The nation must complete this and other alterations of its nuclear program before economic sanctions can be formally suspended under the deal.

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