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INU- On Thursday, the US Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee voted 16 to 4 in favor of the passage of much-discussed legislation that would impose new sanctions on Iran, triggered by the prospective failure to reach a deal on the country’s nuclear program.

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INU- As CNN reported on Tuesday, Robert Menendez and some of his fellow Democratic senators agreed to halt their push for a bill that would outline sanctions to be triggered by the failure to reach a final agreement ion negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. The change of tack comes amidst the Obama administration’s insistence that such legislation would destroy any change of a diplomatic solution, and it puts an end to Republican legislators’ hopes that they would be able to override the promised presidential veto of that bill.

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INU - Iran and the P5+1 once again resumed nuclear negotiations in the Swiss capital of Geneva on Friday. The talks over Iran’s disputed nuclear program were set to continue through Saturday as all parties continue to push toward developing a framework solution by March and a final agreement by the end of June. While commentary from both sides has insisted that such an agreement is possible despite the previous lapse of two deadlines, many now hold a dim outlook, especially in the midst of a growing push for a congressional role in the US approach to those talks.

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INU- In the comprehensive speech outlining policy for the coming year, Obama urged Congress to “hold your fire” on legislation that would outline economic sanctions to come into effect against Iran in the event of the failure of nuclear negotiations between the Islamic Republic and six world powers.

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INU- Ever since the prospect for such legislation became real, the Obama administration has stood firmly against plans that would define economic sanctions against Iran which would be triggered by the failure to reach a deal in negotiations over the country’s nuclear program. The rationale for this opposition is that the passage of such legislation would be perceived as an insult to the Iranian government and would prompt it to pull out of the talks, possibly leaving the world with the impression that the US is at fault for that diplomatic breakdown.

NCRI- Republican and Democratic U.S. lawmakers will press ahead with a plan for more sanctions on the Iranian regime, Senator Bob Corker the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told Reuters on Wednesday.


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