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French Firm Fined for Sanctions Violations, but Effects of Enforcement are Unclear

By INU staff

INU - On Tuesday, AFP reported that US regulators had announced the imposition of a 787 million dollar penalty against French bank Credit Agricole, as punishment for its violations of US sanctions on several countries including Iran. The announcement is arguably made more significant by the fact that it came only two days after Adoption Day for the Iran nuclear agreement, which the media widely reported as the beginning of the end of key sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Desperate for Sanctions Relief, Iran Approves Nuclear Deal, but with Conditions

By INU staff

INU - On Tuesday, Reuters reported that the Iranian parliament had signaled its “provisional approval” of the July 14 nuclear agreement with the P5+1 group of nations. This is to say that the conservative-dominated legislative body is willing to allow the deal to go forward toward official adoption on October 16, complete with the promised restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program, but only provided that Tehran commits to never allowing foreign inspections of its military sites and never conceding to limits on the Iranian ballistic missile or other weapons stockpiles.

Kerry Justifies Opponents’ Fears about Viability of Sanctions Snapback

By INU staff

INU - According to NDTV, the Obama administration referred to several of Iran’s trade partners this week in defending the nuclear agreement and continuing its push for more votes to help defeat a congressional resolution of disapproval that is strongly supported by the Republican majority. In so doing, it may have inadvertently justified some of the criticisms that have been voiced by opponents of the deal over the preceding several weeks.

Nuclear Talks Unlikely to Meet Key Criteria for Verification

By INU staff

INU -Agence France-Presse reported on Monday that International Atomic Energy Agency Chief Director Yukiya Amano had made the latest in a long series of statements commenting on the goals of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1. Those talks are facing a June 30 deadline, and a number of critics and analysts have noted that various persistent points of contention seem to be threatening that deadline.

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