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INU- If the latest extension of nuclear negotiations does not quickly lead to success there is a good chance that far from lifting sanctions the US will authorize the imposition of new ones. Politico indicates that Republicans and some Democrats are becoming increasingly skeptical of Western optimism about the negotiating process, like that that has been expressed by Secretary of State John Kerry.

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INU - The LA Times on Monday reported that significant discussions were ongoing regarding the prospect of extending the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 for a second time. It is acknowledged that such an extension would be difficult to implement, but opposition to it has reportedly softened in recent weeks, even among certain Israeli policymakers who fear that the alternative is a rushed agreement that provides too many concessions to Iran.

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INU - It is ironic that many Iranian officials have expressed the view that economic sanctions and oil prices are both parts of a conspiracy against the Islamic Republic. It is ironic because Iran is engaged in its own observable conspiracies aimed at defying legally imposed sanctions and weakening future support for them.

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In the wake of price drop experienced by all OPEC countries, the overall health of the Iranian oil economy is uncertain. Iran needs higher oil prices to balance its budget than its fellow OPEC members. And especially with Western sanctions in effect, it also needs to rely on different markets. There is some uncertainty surrounding which markets those will be in the near future.

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INU - Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday he wants to boost diplomatic relations with Asian countries, as North Korea's foreign minister, Ri Su Young,  visited Tehran.

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INU - On Friday, the United States Department of the Treasury announced new economic sanctions against 25 individuals and businesses considered responsible for helping the government of Iran to evade existing sanctions, pursue unlawful weapons development, or support terrorism.

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