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In a January 24 article published by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), the non-partisan, not-for-profit global advocacy organization, raised concerns with the White House about Fiat Chrysler’s ties to the Iranian regime.

On December 6, an article in the Daily Mail, it was reported that Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that Congress's decision to renew US Sanctions for another 10 years will elicit a "harsh reaction" and proved the United States was still an enemy.

By INU Staff 

INU - On Thursday, the US Senate voted to extend for 10 years the Iran Sanctions Act, which would have otherwise expired at the end of the year. The upper chamber of Congress followed the lead of the House of Representatives, which had previously approved the measure with 419 votes in favor and only one against. The Senate vote was a similarly overwhelming 99 to zero. 

CNN quoted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as saying, “Preserving these sanctions is critical given Iran's disturbing pattern of aggression and its persistent efforts to expand its sphere of influence across the Middle East.”

One of the veteran members of the Congress voiced his support for new sanctions to be imposed against Iran in a passionate speech before Thursday’s vote.

The former chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Sen. Robert Menendez stood against the views of his own party, the Democrats, and Obama’s administration, calling for new measures to be taken against Iran, and repeating his dismay at the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal. He and only another three members of the Democratic Party voted against the nuclear deal.

By INU Staff 

INU - On Thursday, it was reported that the US House of Representatives had voted to prohibit the Treasury Department for granting licenses for the sale of commercial aircraft to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Fox News indicates that the bill passed the lower house of Congress by the considerable margin of 243 to 174 but now faces stiff opposition from the Democratic minority in Senate, which is more strongly aligned with President Barack Obama and which wields sufficient power to obstruct some pieces of closely contested legislation.

By INU Staff

INU - On Monday, PanArmenian reported that two men of Armenia origin had been arrested and arraigned the previous week in California, on accusations that they violated sanctions by trying to help Iranian entities acquire parts for American military jets, namely F-14s, F-15s, F-16s, and F-18s. The total value of the would-be purchases has been estimated at 3.6 million dollars, and the numerous counts against each defendant, together with the accusation of conspiracy, means that each man may be facing sentences in the area of 100 years.


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