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Iran: Khamenei Reiterates Unwillingness to Work with US

By INU staff

INU- On Wednesday, Kansas City Public Radio reported that former Kansas congressman Jim Slattery had recently become the first US elected official to be invited to speak in Iran since 1979. He reportedly returned from the December trip confident in the future of nuclear negotiations and convinced that Iranian officials are willing to show flexibility with the West.

Veto-Proof Sanctions on Iran

By INU staff

INU- Amid opening of the 114 congress, there is support for increasing sanctions on Iran in the new Republican-controlled US Congress to override veto threats by President Obama according to news reports. The Obama administration and other global powers are in negotiation with Tehran to convince the regime to give up its nuclear program. All the while, the White House has tried to make sure no law is passed in the US Congress for more sanctions so talks can continue unhindered.

Iran Decries Sanctions Enforcement, Reaffirms Non-Cooperation

By INU staff

INU-The United States Department of the Treasury this week announced enforcement of sanctions against nine individuals and entities accused of helping Iran to evade the economic and procurement restrictions placed on it by the world community, and also for helping with the regime’s censorship and hacking activities.

Iran Bypassing Borders, Sanctions, Inspections

By INU staff

INU- Iran’s expansion of influence throughout the Middle East is one topic that highlights the apparent consensus among various officials who are sometimes viewed as being in opposing camps. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif frequently makes public statements that applaud Iran’s pursuit of regional hegemony, especially where that project is specifically directed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Iran - Sanctions Dialogue Ramping Up

By INU staff

INULive Trading News reported on Thursday that Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister and chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi had recently declared, in a meeting with the Italian Deputy Foreign Minister, that “conditions are prepared more than any other time” for an amicable resolution to the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1, of which Italy is not a part.

Iran News Digest December 3, 2014

Rouhani’s False Optimism for Nuclear Talks

Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had taken to his nation’s propaganda network Press TV in order to express optimism about the nuclear talks, which, if successful, could ultimately lead to the removal of economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

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