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NCRI- The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday issued new sanctions on one the Iranian regime's official for his instrumental role in the censorship and repression in Iran.

Morteza Tamaddon has been “personally responsible” for harassing Iranian political opponents, censoring free speech, and threatening political opponents of the ruling regime, according to the Treasury Department.

It said any U.S. assets held by Tamaddon would be frozen and Americans would be prohibited from doing business with him.

Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David S. Cohen said the new sanctions are part of an effort to hold Iran accountable for its numerous and growing human rights abuses, which include the harassment, imprisonment, and execution of hundreds of Iranians each year.

“The United States is keenly focused on promoting opportunities for the Iranian people to fully exercise their universal rights,” Cohen said in a statement. “We will continue building on the U.S. government’s longstanding efforts to contest the Iranian government censorship of the Iranian people.”



The Guardian: At the car repair shop on Soreana Avenue in central Tehran, Homayoon is happy to talk; after all, there is not much else to do. Business is bad, he says, as he wipes his hands with an oily cloth. It's the same for everybody.

US State Department officials are considering an investigation into the presence of Iranian weapons in Iraq. Documents have been uncovered by Reuters news service, indicating that a formal arms trade agreement has been established between the neighboring countries. Iran and Iraq both deny this, but even more damning evidence has also come to light in the form of photographs showing Iranian arms in the possession of Iraqi forces.

In coverage of the International Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical fair in Tehran, the AFP reported on Friday that the influx of foreign economic interest in Iran may pose a threat to China’s economic and energy security. The AFP explains that some Chinese companies moved into Iran when Western sanctions made European and American companies much less willing to do business in the Iranian theocracy.

On Tuesday, the United States Department of the Treasury announced that it is targeting the eight Chinese companies and two Dubai-based businessmen for sanctions enforcement related to their dealings with Iran. The Chinese companies are those headed by Li Fangwei, alias Karl Lee, who is also the subject of a $5 million bounty being offered by the Treasury.

At DailyKos, Richard Lyon takes a closer look at the increasingly close relations between Iran and Russia, and how it constitutes defiance of Western sanctions. He argues that the situation will ultimately pose a very serious threat to US hegemony and the status of the dollar as an international reserve currency. Read it here:

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