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The big debate on sanctions and Iran rages on

By Iran News Update Staff 

Ben Smith of the Weekly Standard accused the Obama administration of being “incapable of understanding the nature of the regime in Tehran.” The considerable sanctions relief that has been offered as an incentive for nuclear talks is a symptom of that incapability, in the minds of Obama’s opponents. At hearings of the House Foreign Affairs Committee last week, American lawmakers emphasized concerns that recently released Iranian funds may be used to directly fund terrorism. And administration officials were unable to say that this could not be the case.

German business looks to renew Iran contacts

Companies rekindle commercial ties on prospect of progress over sanctions

The Wall Street Journal

By Andrea Thomas- 04 August 2014

BERLIN—German businesses are cooling on Russian investments amid anger over Russia's role in the Ukrainian conflict while simultaneously warming on another big country hit by Western sanctions: Iran.


By Iran News Update Staff 


According to Reuters, US Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the Prime Minister of Japan on Thursday, in order to discuss cooperation over key foreign policy issues, including Iran nuclear negotiations. The two officials reportedly agreed to coordinate closely, thus extending Japan’s former support for the negotiations and for American activities more generally.

Senate Moves to Stop $2.8 Billion Cash Infusion to Iran

New bill requires certification no cash transfers are spent on terror

BY: Adam Kredo 

July 25, 2014 

Washington Free Beacon - Senators are moving to block the White House from giving Iran another $2.8 billion in cash assets until the administration can assure lawmakers that Tehran will not use the money to fund terrorism, according to a copy of new legislation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Sanctions Relief Feeds Iranian Propaganda

By Iran News Update Staff 

A recent study by Roubini Global Economics and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies assesses the impact of the past year’s sanctions relief on the Iranian economy, and it determines that the recovery has been out of proportion with what was estimated by Obama administration officials when the announced their plan. The policy that was sold as temporary and limited suspension of sanctions was aimed at inducing Tehran to come to the negotiating table to secure a more permanent arrangement in exchange for concessions related to its nuclear program.

Iran: Oil Exports Down, but Still in Violation of Interim Nuclear Agreement

By: Iran News Update Staff

Several news outlets reported on Friday that Iran’s oil exports had come fallen to their lowest level since October, bringing them closer to the limits that were imposed as part of the interim agreement between Iran and the P5+1, which was signed by both sides in November and went into effect in January. But with the interim period ending on the July 20 deadline for a final agreement, this late reduction will not affect Iran’s ability to comply with that deal.

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