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European Policy toward Iran is Still Torn between Conciliation and Confrontation

By Mahmoud Hakamian

European Policy toward Iran is Still Torn between Conciliation and Confrontation
In a sign of growing tensions between Europe and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Netherlands has recalled its ambassador to the Middle Eastern nation. The move is the latest in a series of reciprocal gestures stemming from Iranian assassination plots that were carried out on Dutch soil.

Warsaw Summit to Focus on Iran’s Behavior

By INU Staff

INU- On February 13th and 14th, the US State Department and Polish Foreign Ministry will host a conference on the Middle East. Attendees will include high profile delegations from several dozen countries.

IRAN: Warsaw Summit an West Policy

By INU Staff

INU- The Warsaw Summit will in Poland next week focused on peace in the Middle East, which many are seeing as the perfect opportunity to address Iran’s malign behaviour and support the Iranian people in their quest to overthrow the dictatorship and bring about a free and democratic Iran.

In fact, US Secretary of State previously stated that the Warsaw conference will address the need to confront Iran's regional influence and hopefully put pressure on Iran to act like a "normal" country.

Tehran’s Reaction to State of the Union Points to Escalation in Iran-US Tensions

By Edward Carney

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump delivered the annual State of the Union Address. Although his remarks largely focused on domestic policy and border security, in sections that touched upon foreign policy he predictably reinforced his hardline posture regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran. The president once again boasted of his withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, as well as referring to the Iranian regime as the “world’s leading state sponsor of terror” and a “radical regime” that does “bad, bad things.”

As Pressure Mounts, Doubts Surround Future of Mechanism for Evading Iran Sanctions

By Edward Carney

On Sunday, the Washington Post published a new report describing the contrary pathways that the United States and the European Union are taking in their policies for dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

EU should support Warsaw Summit on Iran

By INU Staff

INU- Germany arrested an Afghan-German man, working as a translator for the German army, in January for spying on behalf of the Iranian Regime, but this was far from the first incidence of Iran threatening security in Europe and each new revelation only underscores the danger that Europe seems desperate to ignore.

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