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New Economic Pressures on Iran Take Hold, Reinvigorating Talk of Regime Change

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Following the Trump administration’s recent addition of new economic sanctions on the Iranian regime, reports are beginning to emerge to suggest that the strategy of “maximum pressure” is having a significant effect.

Iran Regime Seems to Court Conflict with the US, but Threats are Not Credible

By Edward Carney

In the wake of a major upsurge in American economic pressure on the Islamic Republic, Iranian officials appear to be struggling with the issue of which policies and countermeasures to adopt in response.

Trump administration’s action against Iran regime are effective

By INU Staff

INU - Of all the belligerent states in the world, it could quite legitimately be argued that the Iranian regime is the worst. It has pursued a nuclear weapon, lied about it, accepted sanctions relief and continued to work underground on its program.

US May Be Able to Sabotage the Iran Nuclear Deal to Achieve “Maximum Pressure”

By Edward Carney

Since the beginning of April, the White House has taken highly significant, incremental steps toward the realization of its goal for “maximum pressure” on the Iranian regime. In the first place, the Trump administration announced that it was designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization and imposing sanctions on most individuals and entities that provide it with material support. And about two weeks later, the administration announced that waivers for eight foreign importers of Iranian oil would not be renewed after their expiration on May 2nd.

US Sends Mixed Messages on “Maximum Pressure,” but Iran’s Belligerence is Obvious  By Edward Carney

By Edward Carney

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday that the US would be granting major exceptions to the newly announced sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Two weeks earlier, President Donald Trump took the unprecedented step of designating the group, a paramilitary arm of the Iranian government, as a foreign terrorist organization.

U.S. warns all countries to stop importing Iranian oil

By INU Staff

INU - At the beginning of the week, the Trump administration declared that pressure on Iran would continue to increase, this time through further crackdowns on countries importing oil from Iran.


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