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EU officials shun Polish summit on Iran

By INU Staff

INU- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced during his recent tour of the Middle East that there would be an international conference taking place in Poland in February in which dealing with the Iran threat would be on the agenda.
This would be the perfect chance for European officials to make it clear that Iran’s belligerence and malign activities are completely unacceptable. Now more so than ever considering that Iran’s involvement in a series of plots on European soil has been confirmed.

Outcome Uncertain for Iran’s Efforts to Shame European Partners

By Edward Carney

Following Monday’s announcement of German sanctions on Mahan Air, the Iranian carrier that Berlin accused of helping the Islamic Republic to spy, Iran’s Foreign Ministry predictably issued a statement condemning the move and saying that it was in defiance of “mutual relations” between the two countries.

German Ban on Mahan Air

By Edward Carney

It was reported on Monday that the German government had prohibited all further use of its airspace by commercial flights belonging to Iran’s Mahan Air. Some outlets characterized the move as Germany succumbing to US pressure for broader compliance with America’s own assertive strategy concerning Iran. However, UPI noted that the withdrawal of Mahan’s operating permit was accompanied by specific accusations of the airline’s involvement in illegal activities.

Plans to Confront Iran Regime at Poland Conference

By INU Staff

INU- Diplomats from many countries plan to gather in Poland for a conference where they will discuss how to confront the Iranian regime’s terrorism and warmongering. It is scheduled for February 13th —14th.

Decisiveness, the only effective policy against Iran Regime

By INU Staff

INU- Some were shocked by a report that National Security Advisor John Bolton had requested military options to strike Iran last year after Iranian-backed militias in Iraq fired rockets against the US Consulate in Basra and near to the US Embassy in Baghdad in September.

US Appears Committed to Consensus-Building on Iran

By Edward Carney

Despite Teasing Unilateral Action, US Appears Committed to Consensus-Building on Iran
It was widely reported on Monday that new information had come to light indicating that the White House National Security Council had previously asked the Pentagon to formulate options for a military strike on Iran. The request apparently came in response to an incident last year in which Iran-backed militants fired mortars into the vicinity of the American embassy in Baghdad. Although no one was injured in the attack, it raised new alarms over the growing extent of Iranian influence in the surrounding region, and the prospective consequences for Western interests.

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