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A Chinese company called by a U.S court in curving the Iran sanctions.

According to Bloomberg News, in mid 2011, this company signed a contract with a company in Tehran totaling about 50,000 Euros. The Chinese company has sold 15 night vision cameras to Iran.

To facilitate this sale, the Chinese company changed the labeling of the cameras from “ under US Exporting Control” to “ Made in China”  to diminish the chance to be caught.

The CEO of this Chinese company has purchased these cameras from US and in his purchasing contract has said that the final destination will be China.

He was not authorized to sell or re-sell them to Iran.

The US has accused two authorities of this company in breaking the Sanctions against Iran.

In 2008, an Iranian woman, residing in US was also taken to court for the attempt to sell 3500 of such cameras.. She was Shahrzad Mirgholikhani, was arrested in 2007 and was released 5 years later.

Her husband, Mahmoud Seif was also accused, but it was told that he has gone back to Iran.


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