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Iran Negotiations with the U.S: Venomous or Anodyne?

Yet state-run news agencies close to Rouhani attempt to cover up his true identity as a dictator who is only seeking appeasement, and rather picture him as someone who cherishes negotiations.

Rouhani, confronted with the obvious truth that the appeasement policy is over, said on state TV, “If the U.S. is calling on us to change our behavior, then it has to repent its deeds, and change the wrong path they chose, otherwise they shouldn’t expect any positive change.”

On August 28, Jahan-e Sanat state-run daily, trying to shift the blame on the hardliners and keep Rouhani’s façade, wrote, “Following Rouhani and his diplomatic system’s new comments about desiring negotiations with Washington, suddenly we witnessed an overnight 180-degree change of direction about negotiations. As always, the negative discouraging comments of hardliners and some opposition groups abroad were the main reasons for this diplomatic retreat.”

Once again these imbalances prove that regime has no solution, negotiations with the U.S. government, which has repeatedly urged the regime to change its behavior, will result in nothing but the ultimate collapse of Iran’s regime.

As to Europe, the solution however is not negotiations and the appeasement policy, which won’t have benefits for the Iranian people regarding the regime’s institutionalized corruption. This is something that even the regime’s own authorities admit to.

On August 26, another regime analyst, Hadi Afgahi, told the state-run Fars news agency, “The people’s living problems are due to embezzlements of officials’ children and banks, and only 35% of our economic problems are due to U.S. sanctions.”

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