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Iran: Workers and students hold protests across Iran

In Tehran a large number of protesters stood outside the Iranian regime’s parliament (Majlis). Security surrounded the area and blocked roads leading to the area in other to contain the protesters.

They held placards reading “Dignity, jobs, are our inalienable rights”, “poverty line = 3million, our salaries= 1million”, “the retired = the forgotten”, “officials should be ashamed of the salaries of the retired personnel in light of their astronomical salaries” and “respect for the retired = attending to their living conditions”.

 The NCRI highlight that current and retired Education Ministry staff are living in difficult circumstances, yet “the country’s wealth and revenues are spent on anti-patriotic nuclear, military, security, export of terrorism and suppressive projects or are plundered by the regime’s officials and deposited in their foreign bank accounts”.

Elsewhere, students at Sharif University of Technology also took to the streets to protest. The NCRI said: “Students are critical of the plan to fine students for school years that was proposed in order to extort money from students. According to the plan, enrollment for 5th semester of graduate courses is conditional upon paying 5 million tomans (~ 1600 USD) fine. Students also have to pay other college expenses such as accommodation costs and self-serve restaurants. This plan is even in violation of regulations adopted by the Ministry of Science of the regime.”

There were also protests at the University of Amirkabir, Melli (Beheshti), Tarbiat Modarres of Tehran, Esfahan University of Technology, Razi in Kermanshah and Zanjan University.

The students held banners that read: “Students would rather die than to accept humiliation”, “student is aware, the voice of justice can be heard’”, “Is here a university or barracks!”, “We are better students, we are more deprived than everyone”, “Sharif University or Sharif business firm?”, “freedom of thought cannot be under pressure”, “university education should be free”, “We do not give money by force” and “university is not a source of income”.

In a statement, Sharif University students said that Rouhani has not kept his promises to students and they are continually having to pay unjust expenses and be exposed to limiting regulations. 

The NCRI said: “So long as the inhuman and anti-Iranian religious dictatorship rules in Iran, poverty, unemployment, and inflation are aggravated day by day. The Iranian Resistance expresses its solidarity with the protesters, and calls on Iran’s nation and youths in particular to support them.”




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