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Maryam Rajavi on Need for Rouhani Sanctions

Recently, Rouhani praised the IRGC for the downing of a US drone with an all-Iranian missile system and spoke about kissing the hands of those who created it. This, Maryam Rajavi argues, should be enough to convince the US of the need to impose economic sanctions on Rouhani and place him on terrorist lists, even if that was his only crime.

Over the past 40 years, Maryam Rajavi explains, Rouhani has played a key role in all of the regime’s domestic, regional, and international crimes. In the last six years, since becoming President, Rouhani has only stepped up his complicity.

Maryam Rajavi cites a comment that he made shortly after signing the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers when Rouhani admits to using the Regime’s malign presence in “Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, everywhere” as leverage during the talks. He bragged about the presence of Iranian troops or proxies, supposedly in order to protect holy shrines or defend the oppressed, helping to convince the rest of the world to give in to Iran’s demands, lest the Regime increases the heavy spectre of war looming over the Middle East.

Of course, we should note that the Regime is not defending shrines because the bodies of their fighters are found thousands of miles away. And Iran never defends the oppressed, always taking the side of the oppressor, if not serving as the direct oppressor themselves. They talk about defending sovereignty as if they do not violate other nations’ sovereignty all the time.

Maryam Rajavi also advised that Rouhani has, on multiple occasions since the signing of the nuclear deal and before, bragged about Iran creating deadly missiles; something that should not be ignored given Iran’s recent announcement that they have breached the nuclear deal limits on enriched uranium.

Maryam Rajavi quoted him as saying to the Iranian parliament: “We built, are building, and will build missiles … We do not hesitate to build, manufacture, store, and use when necessary to defend ourselves, any weapons of any kind that we need.”

Maryam Rajavi explains that Rouhani’s worst crimes have been against the Iranian public, noting that he has called for the public execution of political dissidents at Friday prayers services, since at least 1980, and that he played a major role in suppressing the uprising of Tehran’s students and people in 1999, when he served as the secretary of the Supreme Security Council.

That is why Maryam Rajavi supports further sanctions against Rouhani, for the good of Iran and the good of the world. The stricter the sanctions, the faster the Regime will fall, and the sooner the Iranian people will be free.

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