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putting pressure on the Iranian Regime is the correct policy

They wanted a deal at any cost and that’s what they got.

Was Obama at fault?

Like many Western politicians before him, Obama believed in appeasing the Iranian Regime, whilst recognising that they were not a friendly state. He appeared to believe that if he offered an olive branch, the Iranian Regime would reform into a democratic state.

This is an incredible leap of faith as there was no evidence in the Regime’s history that they were even capable of moderation. In fact, the theological regime is set of spreading its malign revolution and expanding its power across the Middle East.

Unsurprisingly, the Iranian Regime showed its true colours as soon as the agreement was signed. The billions of dollars in frozen Iranian assets, which was released shortly after, was spent on the Iranian Regime’s expansionist agenda rather than improving the Iranian people’s lives. Then, the mullahs began to brag about controlling four Arab capitals.

Trump’s position

It’s no secret that Donald Trump opposed the Iran Deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. He made his opposition clear on the campaign trail, when he called it the “worst deal ever” and told his supporters that it did not protect the US and its allies. He has remained firm on this stance ever since, especially after Iran tested its ballistic missiles.

While many politicians in the US and other countries (especially the other signatories to the deal) doubted his ability to pull out of the nuclear deal, Trump has since done so, even shaking up his cabinet in order to do (Mike Pompeo replaced Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and John Bolton replaced H.R. McMaster as national security advisor).

Dr. Ahmad al-Farraj, a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah daily, wrote on Al Arabiya: “[The doubters] missed the fact that his credibility was on the line and that he cannot be defeated in the face of Iran and his greatest opponents, Obama, Kerry and Angela Merkel.”

The doubters also missed the fact that putting pressure on the Iranian Regime is the only way to stop it destroying the world.

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