However, some in the West are misinterpreting this as a struggle between so-called hardliners, represented by Khamenei, and moderates, by President Hassan Rouhani. This is a huge mistake because this is no fight for policy or principle, as you might expect from a democracy. It is a struggle for ultimate power. The mullahs are selected for political office, rather than elected, and Iranian democracy is more for show than for use.

Saeed Ghasseminejad, a senior adviser on Iran at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said: “The Islamist regime in Tehran is a theocratic mafiocracy. Members of the mafia fight each other. They may have a very different point of views on many important issues, and they may violently eliminate each other to have a larger share of the pie, but in the end, they are all members of a crime family.”

In fact, MP Karimi Ghoddousi, a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), accused half the parliament of seeking to overthrow the regime and defend the leaders of the Resistance; something that no mullah is doing. While other so-called hardliners are trying to impeach Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, following their removal of the country’s labour, economic and education ministers earlier this year, claiming that the Rouhani Cabinet has been influenced by the US, which is not true in the slightest.

Ghasseminejad notes, however, that despite these high-profile firings, Iranian policy only ever lies in the Khamenei’s hands, so it will not change unless he wants it to.
Elsewhere Iran has stepped up its aggressive behaviour towards the rest of the world with increased missile tests, support for terrorists, and interference in the affairs of other Middle East states.

Iran expert Ronen A. Cohen believes that this is merely an effort to divert public attention from bad economic conditions and prevent further protests against the Regime.
As we can see from the factional infighting, growing domestic unrest, poor economic situation, attempts to cause chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere, as well as the numerous other crises in Iran, the Regime is incredibly weak on all fronts right now.

There is no way for the Regime to come back from this and simply the mullahs have no future.

The only acceptable solution is regime change, which is the true wish of the Iranian people. It is the only way to bring peace to Iran and to the world.